Breast Enlargement surgery

Or breast augmentation as it sometimes known

Cosmetic Surgery in Prague

We would urge people not to see this type of surgery rather like entering a sweet shop, and just picking your new boobs off the shelf. Indeed the size and type of implant is not the exclusively the domain of simply- what the patient wants. Some surgeons may just go along with the patients wishes -but  not ours.

breast enlargement surgery

Julie Former Miss Czech Republic patient at our clinic

As we know of recent there has been a lot of adverse publicity surrounding PIP implants.

Fortunately we have been unaffected on this issue as our surgeon- never used them.

Unlike in some other countries-(where the management decide) in the Czech Republic decisions as to type and brand of implants etc. is entirely at the discretion of the surgeon.

When we asked our surgeon why he avoided using them? -he explained very simply:- that when something which would normally would cost £7-800 is offered at £150… then something is not quite right.

For a number of years we were always baffled as to how the cost in London, were lower than in Prague! Now we know!

As a rule breast enlargement surgery is very safe.

However, there have been worldwide reports of the occasional fatalities when undergoing this procedure so -it should not be approached in a blase/ nonchalant manner.

Breast augmentation  is quite unique and individual. Therefore full discussions beforehand, are a pre requisite to a successful outcome. 

Any questions appertaining to size and  breast shape should be addressed by both you and the surgeon and any underlying psychological issues.

Usually breast implants are sited above the mammary gland. However, in the case of particularly tiny breasts the implant is placed under the muscle.

Breast implant fed via the armpit are something we are looking into.

breast enlargement surgery

Our clinic was recently awarded the prestigious  German ISO  9001 quality certificate.


Testimonial- Vanessa Myers

“I am  really pleased I opted to use Europa-brilliant service. It was so reassuring to be in such caring hands with extended after-care”.

– Vanessa Myers. Read Vanessa Myers’ breast augmentation full story here.

breast enlargement surgery

Vanessa before breast implant

breast enlargement surgery

Vanessa after breast implants


Testimonial- Sarah Flowers

“Unlike a lot of English hospitals your clinic was spotless. Clean and with a really friendly and caring atmosphere”

– Sarah Flowers. Read Sarah Flowers’ full breast augmentation story.

breast enlargement surgery

Sarah Flowers

breast enlargement surgery

Sara Flowers breast implant after


Susie C.

“The surgeon could not have been more caring, even planting a couple of “pecks on the cheek” as well as reassuring me by holding my hand.”

breast enlargement surgery

Susan pre breast implants

breast enlargement surgery

Susan post breast implants


Breast Enlargement Surgery – Preoperative Instructions & the Operation

  • One month before your surgery refrain from taking ant of the following medications:  Acylpyrin, Aspirin, Alnogon, Mironal, etc. all of thsee contain blood thinning agents (salicylates) which can cause  increased bleeding.
  • At the time of surgery ensure you are free of any colds or viral infections.  Report any illnesses to your clinic who would be happy to reschedule.
  • Drink as much water as you can possibly starting 3 days prior to surgery. Of course on the day of surgery it’s nil-by-mouth.
  • Whilst we appreciate its much easier said than done the night before try and get a good night’s sleep.  The week before your breast implant surgery smoking and alcohol should be reduced  or ideally stopped altogether.

At consultation or just prior to surgery you will be asked by the surgeon to stand up. He/she will then draw  on your chest with a special pen to guide him as to final positioning of your implants.

About Breast Enlargement Surgery

If the patients is tiny somewhat diminutive and with thin non fleshy skin, an under the muscle implant would be deemed appropriate. Using over the muscle implants could become visible. Placing the implant under the muscle take 100% longer to perform and is quite painful for a few days post op. The over muscle method is virtually painless.

Breast enlargement surgery procedure lasts on average between 1-2 hours, depending on whether or not the implants are placed over or under the muscle. Many enquirers are under the impression implants should always be placed under the muscle.

This is not the case and entirely depends on the patients anatomy.

If the patients is tiny and somewhat diminutive with thin non fleshy skin, an under the muscle implant would be deemed appropriate.

Using over the muscle implants could become visible. Placing the implant under the muscle take 100% longer to perform, and is quite painful for a few days post op.

The over muscle method is virtually painless. Therefore if there is no chance your implants will  show through, there is absolutely no need to endure a longer anaesthetic  than  necessary.

Type of implants

Essentially there are two types   either rounded or anatomical.

Anatomical are also know as “teardrop” shape. These two different shapes give your surgeon different options depending on the frame size/skeletal structure of the patients. In most cases the round ones are employed but much depends on the patients anatomy, shape, and thickness of skin tissue etc.

Breast Enlargement Aftercare

For this procedure as standard patients stay overnight. Just prior to discharge the support bandages are changed and any drains are removed. It is recommended rest for 3-4 days and absolutely no physical exertion. Sutures are generally removed after the 5 to 7th day. At the same time the patient will be instructed on how to apply a daily massage regime designed to prevent formation of a fibrous capsule and to promote formation of the natural shape of the breast. Normal activities may be resumed 7 to 10 days after surgery. Two months on the breast implants are considered to stable. Periodic check-ups at a mammary clinic is recommended.