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Eye-bag surgery Europa-International est. 1996

Involves delicate Surgery of Eyebags. Where do we take you? Prague, Czech Republic.

Below same lady! Teresa from Prague!

Eye Bag SurgeryEye Bag Surgery.


Eye-bag Surgery makes a very noticeable and positive difference to the way you look. Just look at those images shown above.

To clarify, Eye-bags deal with the lower eye and eyelid surgery covers the upper. In medical terms, these procedures are known as Blepharoplasty surgery.

Eye surgery is, in fact, one of the most commonly carried out procedures in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Very safe and with few complications.

Apart from younger patients, (age 30-35 ish), it’s generally combined with facelift surgery.

Below: Unbelievably the same lady!   Look at the difference achieved by the removal of “hooded eyes” loose overhanging tissue makes.

In the first picture, they overhang the upper eye.

Eye Bag Surgery.Eye Bag Surgery.


The above Eyelid surgery improvements are a true Masterpiece!

An option of laser CO2 for lower eye bag removal

It should, however, be noted if the eye bags are quite prominent with – considerable fatty deposits, the laser may not be an option.

Eye-bags eyelid surgery read more:

Sometimes these procedures are combined with a Forehead lift.

This option is more desirable when the excess skin of the upper eyelids are caused by drooping of the upper third of the face and not the actual eyelid itself.

Therefore, it is logical to combine the two procedures.

Lower eye-bag surgery is often combined with tightening of the mid-face – this technique is called cheek-lifting (cheek-lift).


Below. Eyelid surgery – before and after – Roslyn from Stockport (56)   Although being aware of Europa’s long-standing good reputation,  I still thought long and hard before taking the plunge.– Roslyn from Stockport.

Eye Bag Surgery

Excess skin excesses tend to be less in the lower eyelids.

The operation will remove fat prolapses along the entire width of the lower eyelid maintaining the natural tonus of the lower eyelid skin and preventing the formation of ugly bags below the eye.

It is beneficial to visit a plastic surgeon early rather than later. Otherwise, eyelid surgery becomes much more difficult to perform. Especially when the skin of the lower eyelid has fallen to the border of the face/cheek area.

Once this happens access to the lower eye bag sits too low for a conventional approach.

Instead, the surgeon has to adopt a facelift type approach.  This involves an incision to the front of the ear and rolling the skin back to reach the bag, which is no longer an eye bag any more.

Eye bag Eyelid Surgery – before and after, Lucy from Prague At the same time she underwent a facelift (age.47)

Lucy from Prague Before

Lucy before the surgery

Lucy from Prague After

Lucy Post-op

Eye bag Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Obviously, it is imperative to seek out an experienced surgeon. Ideally someone testimonies to his/her work. Successful blepharoplasty, in the case of eye bag surgery, is not just about removing loose skin, but in most cases removal of the fat deposits which sit below it.

Excess skin is generally greater in the upper eyelid than in lower eye bags. The excess skin to the upper eyelid is progressive and over some time, in some cases, can obscure a person’s vision.

Regardless of how many times we like to “kid ourselves” late-night, overwork, stress etc, that’s not what is the cause. The undeniable truth is its part of the natural ageing process.

However, there are some contributing factors which sit outside the ageing process skin type. Often there can be temporary eyelid swelling due to allergies, kidney condition, fat prolapses.

The ‘so-called’ ” laughter lines” alongside the eye (mimic lines) are a manifestation of the natural use of facial muscles. They cannot be corrected as part of the blepharoplasty procedure.

However, their appearance can be minimised with the use of either Botox, collagen, or the use of laser.

The Eyebags/eyelid surgery (on its own) is done either under a local anaesthetic or sedation.

The only exception being if you opt for the laser Co2 lower eye bag technique. In this case, a general anaesthetic is essential.

Having said that; in most cases, the blepharoplasty procedure is performed in combination with a facelift. Therefore, you are already fully under the general anaesthetic anyway for the facelift.  The surgeon just moves on to the blepharoplasty (eye bag eyelid surgery) procedure whilst you are under the same anaesthetic.

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