A faultless record spanning more than 22 years. All patients happy and delivered home safely. To learn more about us click here https://europa-international.net/about-libby-our-founder/     Alternatively click on video links.

Welcome to Europa International. Established 1996.  

World innovators and pioneers of cosmetic surgery iservices n Prague (Czech Republic)  We like questions,if you have any please ask.

Widely media acclaimed, we were the sole choice for case study programmes by both BBC and Anglia TV. Also entrusted by Full House and Chat magazine to provide surgery to their readers in a competition competitions-Win a facelift prizes!

We are immensely proud to be able to say since 1996 we have delivered home safely each and every one of our patients. We are grateful to them all for the trust shown in us. This is despite often having to withstand prejudicial attitudes towards surgery abroad from friends and relatives etc.

Although not the cheapest, our good reputation has seen us receive an increasing number of patients from other countries too. Particularly Scandinavia, Germany and the former USSR.

In conclusion be careful, be safe, and do not be influenced solely by rock bottom prices. Remember you only have one body, one face, and it’s very precious to you.

Confidence Does Change Everything.  Growing Old Is Inevitable-Looking Younger- Is Negotiable!

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