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Europa International the world pioneer in offering cosmetic surgery in Prague. they are undoubtedly world leaders now exceeding t30,000 successful cosmetic surgery procedures and counting. Since 1996 (yes not a misprint) that’s how long we have been offering Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Prague Czech Republic. The very first in the entire world to recognise and brave enough to market the great work offered in Prague. Appearing twice on national TV as well as virtually every news media publication.

So confident were we that Libby our MD (originally from Prague) underwent the following cosmetic surgery In Prague: Facelift, Eyes bags,  Eyelid surgery-Blepharoplasty, arm lift (Brachioplasty)Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)  Breast uplift mastopexy/ and breast reduction Liposuction, Thread lift Aptos Threads

The above Pre-and Post-Facelift Procedure images of Libby are non-doctored, or enhanced in any way. We have been featured on both the BCC and ITV television video features below. Whilst you are here we are delighted to announce we have added to our services cataract replacement procedures. Once again at our trusted facilities in the Czech Republic.  To read more click here


Above is one of the best examples we have ever witnessed of eyelid and eye bag removal. The severe upper eye tissue overhand made her look prematurely aged. 

Today we offer unbiased advice on your planned cosmetic surgery in Prague or elsewhere.  Based on Libby’s vast knowledge and experience gained over almost 20 years during which time she has personally taken to Prague more than 30,000 patients.  All of whom were successfully operated on and without any major complications through her clinic. We must not forget her husband John who in recent years accompanied more and more of our clients.

Libby says: My facelift Rhytidectomy Cosmetic Surgery was the best move I ever made.  In particular, I was very pleased with the extremely natural result. Whenever I happen to discuss my procedure with anyone am often told my surgical facelift is virtually indistinguishable as a surgical enhancement.  Unless SHE mentions it it goes unnoticed. Passing for someone age 45 when in fact age 73. Nobody ever opens a door for her!

If you wish Libby can arrange your entire cosmetic surgical journey to her clinic in Prague. 

Bearing in mind the array of cosmetic surgery she underwent it would be a waste not to draw on her knowledge and experience, especially as currently there is no charge for her advice.

By 2016 she slowed right down as she became a little tired of the project. Europa International has enjoyed almost 20 years of being the pioneer and words first in the concept of cosmetic surgery in Prague. She became bored with the vultures circling and falsely claiming it was their idea and not hers.  She sees many who have attempted to replicate her groundbreaking concept but in her opinion, none have surpassed it. Why, because she led, it was hers and John’s idea! whereas others simply purloined the idea.

If others were the trial blazers they claim to be how come they were not like us featured on national TV twice, as well as national news media? The reason is that all this happened before they even thought of it.

Indeed, none have the benefit of a Czech-born host who understands the culture and mentality of the country and can communicate fluently with the surgeons.

However, the most convincing aspect might be that she has undergone numerous procedures at the clinic herself. She recommends/encourages others to go to. None of her competitors has even done that!

Libby’s aim nowadays is to present an online scrapbook.

Looking back over almost two decades. You will observe many media articles as well as two national TV appearances. Not to mention, we created a “win a facelift” competition, which attracted worldwide media coverage. It very much angered the British Plastic surgery fraternity. We endured  20 years of challenge and scepticism from the British public. TBH 20 years of an uphill struggle promoting Czech surgery. Set against so many people’s misgivings. How come a Czech surgeon might be as good as a UK one? What we know is that over 20 years none of ours came to any harm. Whereas not a month goes by without some major error happening with a cosmetic surgery procedure somewhere around the world. None in the Czech Republic I hasten to add.

Unfortunately, the UK media played a big part in this. That’s why so many people simply didn’t trust us, maybe why we UK exited The EU.

How often do we read of: a UK clinic, encountering a surgical “complication”? Conversely, if the complication occurred at a foreign clinic the words “botch-up are used. Strange that isn’t it! What we know is none of our patients encountered any major complications and all came home safe and sound.


Cosmetic dentistry. Implants bridges and veneers.

Yes, we do teeth as well!    See More on Libby’s Dentistry Adventure

Facelift Surgery in PragueFacelift Surgery in PragueFacelift Surgery in PragueFacelift Surgery in PragueFacelift Surgery in Prague






For more about Libby see below

Libby model 1972

Facelift Surgery in Prague

Libby before op

today post-op

Libby, originally from Prague in 1970 married John, then subsequently moved to England where she has lived ever since.

She began working as a Playboy Bunny Then on to modelling, then as a croupier, and then as a flight attendant. Eventually becoming an entrepreneur.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, there was always an element of glamour associated with it.

The photos shown below are not strictly in order.



Libby Court Line Aviation 1974

Libby working as a stewardess cca. 1974 for Court Line Aviation. A brilliant company to work for, she says!

In 1972  Libby, heading to London to become a Playboy Bunny.


Below is Libby in 1970 when she got married.

Facelift Surgery in Prague

Wedding day 1970

Facelift Surgery in Prague

Signing the register

Plastic surgery for the over 50s is something I can empathise with.

Having always had a fascination with cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, I became especially interested when I felt that I might need some myself.

This all began in 1993 when I by chance learned the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia as it was then) had been at the forefront of plastic surgery since around 1912. In fact, in medical quarters they were amongst the world pioneers see more on this Prof. Frantisek Burian,

Before embarking on this adventure, Libby and her husband John devoted more than two years to researching it. Determined to learn everything there is to know about this branch of medical intervention. Along the way, amongst other things, it meant visiting almost every plastic surgery clinic in the Czech Republic.

Since 1996. Offering plastic surgery to UK clients in Prague.

Cosmetic surgery developments. Since 1996 I have seen many changes and gained invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Thus, along the way, learn the secrets of how to achieve the best results in both the safest and most cost-effective way.

For over two decades, Europa-International delivered home safely to every one of their patients. We are grateful to them all for the trust and faith shown in us. That is despite having to withstand prejudicial attitudes towards foreign surgery from friends and relatives etc.

Europa International’s Incredible success rate

Their success rate is an unmatched 100% – your guarantee of the highest professional standards and the best result for a beautiful new you. Why not take a short holiday away from your everyday life?  Returning with that great new-you look! We offer a VIP service its asingle click away.


We are the U.K. pioneers in this concept focusing 100% on one venue: Prague. Today it’s firmly on the map in the area of cosmetic surgery. Mainly acknowledged by experts in Prague confirm was thanks to us.

Although easy for other organisations to replicate our original ideas (which they often do) it means it was not theirs to steal in the first place. This begs the question of what have they to offer in creativity or innovation if they simply jump on our cocktails.

Although not the cheapest, our good reputation has seen us receive an increasing number of patients from other countries too. Particularly Scandinavia, and Germany.

In conclusion, be careful, be safe, and do not be influenced solely by rock-bottom prices. Remember, you only have one body and one face, and it’s very precious to you.

Facelift Surgery in Prague is only a fraction of the various procedures we offer. For any advice we are available.