Otoplasty or Ear pinning A range of images which are self explanatory. The subject is our grandson showing before and after Otoplastly surgery.

Ear Pinning Before Surgery

Otoplasty Ear pinning











The ear pinning (Otoplasty) surgery was of course performed by our trusted plastic surgeon, and  long term friend of more than 20 years.

He travelled by road with his dad to Prague where the clinic is located,

En-route                                                   Before Setting Off !                                             Prepped up! (Prague Clinic)          Enjoying sightseeing                          Post-Op with his Dad

Otoplasty Ear pinningOtoplasty Ear pinning Otoplasty Ear pinningOtoplasty Ear pinningOtoplasty Ear pinning




Below final results.

Otoplasty Ear pinning












Should ear pinning (Otoplasty) be performed better under a local or general anaesthetic?

For most people the general aesthetic route is far more appealing. Mainly due to fears that a local anesthetic might  not totally deaden any pain issues. However it’s not the same level as a local anaesthetic at your dentists its far stronger and includes sedation too.  This patient opted for a local with sedation as he was anxious about going “completely under”. Moreover the surgeon said not being totally asleep was better for him to work in a live patients. He can direct where he needs the patient to move his head etc.

How long did the ear pinning procedure take?

About 1 hour 15. Was there any pain? ..No.

Was there any discomfort..No. 

Was there any pain immediately following the procedure?  No, only, a mild throbbing.

Was there any pain thereafter. No, only a throbbing sensation which eventually subsided.

How do you feel about the results on your Otoplasty Procedure? 

Very happy. I like much more now how I Look. Also I was just in time to avoid the horrible prospect of taunts from other kids at my new school.

What about cost for Otoplasty?

I understand it was around 40% cheaper than in UK.  Of course there were travel and hotel costs to factor in. However for my dad it was not about the costs more about  the high standards of work. He had an implicit trust in the surgeon. But for most people the saving would somewhere in the region of 25% allowing for  travel and hotel.