Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction procedure is techically known as Mastopexy

It is a surgical procedure designed to provide a more proportionate and “in balance” body shape. As well as correcing asymmetry and heavy pendulous breasts. All of which later on in life can cause severe back ache.

Breast Reduction Procedure and Uplift Images. Shown  below feature our M.D. Libby Babbage

Breast reduction









This was her second procedure at our clinic. First being a facelift. The second being a breast reduction procedure surgery. It should also be mentioned the procedure combined a breast uplift.



Our clinic was  recently awarded the prestigious  German ISO  9001 quality certificate.

Although we list breast reduction and breast uplift surgery on separate pages, essentially one cannot be performed without the other.

Sometimes a mix of both techniques is needed.

The breast reduction procedure usually requires some remodelling/reshaping to achieve the desired result.

Oversize breasts by definition sit too low. By simply reducing the size without reshaping can make them appear to sit even lower.

Therefore breast reduction is usually combined with breast reshaping and/or breast uplift. If the additional work is not too time-consuming usually no extra charges are imposed. In contrast most of the UK clinic we researched – charged out as two separate procedures.

“When I lifted the sheet after my operation and saw what you see on the right side photo I honestly couldn’t believe it. Indeed to this day, I still have problems convincing people the images shown have not been manipulated.Breast reduction uplift Surgery – Libby Babbage

Read more about Libby´s cosmetic surgery story here   

What does breast reduction procedure surgery involves?

Is classed very much in the category of major surgery. Consequently tummy tuck surgery cannot be combined with another major procedure.

On average the procedure takes around 3 hours.

The first incision is around the areola, followed by a  vertical incision towards the base. Followed by another horizontally to the side. The excess skin tissue and glands are removed in order to uplift and reshape.

Although hard to believe within 2 years the scars have virtually faded away.

Donut Concentric Procedure

Where the breast are not too heavy or pendulous,the so-called donut-concentic method can be adopted-see more on this below.

Breast uplift- donut concentric method. 

Well..first let me say, if we had a £ for each lady who wanted the procedure done this way we would be millionaires!  Women understandably are greatly concerned about a visible scar to an area which is an inherent element to their femininity.

But the reality is that by and larg,e it is only suitable for patients with either average or undersized pendulous breast. The obvious attraction here is you have only one small incision around the areola, instead of the more extensive incisions described above.

 However thinking about it logically, if there is a lot of excess tissue what would happen to it?  A small incision around the areola would not make it magically disappear. We hate having to deny anyone what they wish and by doing so we are sometimes subject to the wrath of an indignant enquirer.

Is there any age limit for breast reduction?

Yes there is. Certainly not before the mammary glands have fully developed which is at age eighteen. Even then its not really recommended as childbirth can impact negatively on the surgeons work. In a perfect world wait until the family is completed, or, run the risk of having to repeat the procedure at a later stage.

However breast implant surgery does not affect pregnancy or place the the foetus in any danger. What may be a problem, is breast-feeding.

Choosing your Surgeon for breast reduction. 

The best rule of thumb guide is to opt for one who has a good deal of experience. Can produce photographic evidence of their work, has good feed-back, although this cannot be totally relied upon. Someone who is non pushy, who waits for you to come to them of your own volition. By law in Czech republic the surgeon must be a qualified plastic surgeon or face a prison sentence.

Why choose Europa International?

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