Age      24

Procedure(s)     Breast enlargement

Town   Barry, South Wales

Carys Davis

I’m so glad I did what I did and with the company that I chose

My experience with Europa International was one I was nervous about at first. I had made my decision about having the operation to have my breasts enlarged so I thought the best place to look would be the internet so I tapped in plastic surgery Prague on Google and had a look through the options. The website that caught my eye and gave me all information I was looking for was Europa international. I contacted Libby then for more information, and she was lovely she answered all my questions and even made me aware of thing’s I wouldn’t have thought to ask. She made me aware of all aspect of the operations which gave me confidence to book the operation.

Below Carys davis before breast ennlargement front view

My mum came with me to Prague and my dad came over after the surgery and Libby did everything she could to accommodate us, so as we would be together which was good for me as I had their support and help.


We got to Prague on a sun afternoon and we were met at the airport by John, and y first impression was that he was friendly and reassuring; he put my mind at ease because as you would think I was very nervous. The apartment was fantastic, we had everything we could need including internet access which I was thrilled about as there were times when I couldn’t sleep and this kept me occupied. On the morning of my operation, John picked me up and took us to the clinic where I was introduced to my surgeon who was really nice he gave me great confidence which helped me relax. The staff at the clinic was all so friendly and helpful. They held my hand throughout my stay.

carys davis before breast ennlargement side view

The operation went well, no complications. I will admit I was in pain when I woke up but that’s what the painkillers are for.

Kerry with her new look!





I stayed for a full week in Prague and everyday I felt better. I had occasional visits of John who was checking on my progress and I had the support from the lovely people who were staying in the other apartment.

I will look back on my experience and I’m so glad I did what I did and with the company that I chose as I made some lovely friends and as I was pessimistic from the start, thinking something was going to go wrong I look back now and laugh because there was nothing to worry about. I want to thank Libby & John for all there support and help. They both were hands on all the way through my experience and without that I may never have gone through with the operation as my nervous would have probably gotten the best of me.

Again a big thank you.