Before we explore cosmetic surgery in Prague benefits in details, let’s compare UK and Prague cosmetic surgery experience in brief.

Cosmetic surgery experience comparison

Question UK Prague
Can I be sure my surgeon is qualified? NO. It is unregulated. YES. It is a legal requirement.
How does in-patient care compare? Usually 1 overnight stay. 2 nights minimum.
How does post-op follow up compare? 2-3 visits including suture removal. Every second day.
Will I see the surgeon who performed the procedure? Perhaps. YES. Our surgeons are resident, not part time.

Home of modern cosmetic surgery plus strict requirements

The Czech Republic is the home of modern cosmetic surgery. Unlike the UK, in the Czech Republic a general surgeon is not allowed to perform either plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Only a specialist plastic/cosmetic surgeon is granted a license to perform such surgery in the Czech Republic.

This requirement applies equally to the nursing staff who are also specialist-trained for at least 6 years.

In Britain and some other EU countries cosmetic surgeons don’t have to be qualified cosmetic surgeons at all – a situation that concerns surgeons and others in the beauty industry. “There are organisations like BAPS which people can call and get recommendation for a registered practitioner or surgeon. Recommendation …… your friends, really really do your research ‘cos it’s far too many bogus practioners out there,” says Zanna Roberts, Beauty Editor, Marie Claire

Cosmetic surgery was pioneered in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)

The Czechs are regarded as the best, as well as amongst the earliest European pioneers in cosmetic/plastic surgery. Professor ‘Frantisek Burian’ performed what was believed to be the very first modern plastic surgery operations in 1912. Burian’s books are available in English and can be ordered from your local library via the British Library Museum.
Author: F.Burian Title: Atlas of Plastic Surgery. Publisher: Butterworth 1967.

Czech surgeons developed many of the World’s most effective cosmetic surgery techniques and undertake years of specialist training before they are allowed to operate – far more than in the UK, for instance. They are internationally recognised and make regular lecture tours to the USA and elsewhere to share their innovative techniques and liaise with the leading US surgeons to learn theirs.

Within the Czech Republic our clinics cater mainly for the affluent and famous – European Government ministers and their families, industrialists and artists, actors, musicians and members of the media. Recently they have accepted many overseas patients for cosmetic procedures from across Europe and North America. The clinics don’t just undertake cosmetic procedures. They also conduct high-level reconstructive surgery for accident victims or those born with disfiguring genetic diseases. In short they are the best of the best.

Immaculate everything

Our surgeons are dedicated professionals who have made the creation or recreation of beauty their lifetime’s mission. Their facilities are also amongst the most up to date you will find anywhere, boasting the highest levels of expertise and exceptional technical equipment. e.g. they use fully disposable “Johnson & Johnson” surgical gowns and other disposable products. They carry out regular and thorough risk assessments and hygiene is a passion as is the use of lowest-risk, low-invasive techniques and the latest practice. In addition theatres are equipped with highly sophisticated air purification systems, constantly ensuring a pure, bacteria-free environment.

Naturally prior to surgery a full medical examination is carried out, which includes E.C.G. (heart) as well as liver function tests.

Luxurious accommodation for your stay

We have recently acquired 2 extremely nice Apartments dedicated exclusively for patients use. Fully equipped, newly furnished, and in a secure environment.

Both have the benefit of lifts, and close by to all amenities. Including a supermarket, restaurants nearby, as well as a bankhole-in-the-wall. Transport into the centre takes around 20 minutes.

The beautiful new you is a just a single click away.