Teresa Cusack cosmetic plastic surgery story

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“Latest thing on the market” has been offered in Prague for over 10 years

Teresa Cusack sun magazine article

Hi John and Libby,

I am now home safe and sounds and with my family. I would like to thank you both most sincerely for all the help you have given me along the way. I now have my precious new boobs that I always dreamed of. I am more than happy for you to use the photo’s and hopefully reassure any future clients. In fact I am quite used to publicity now, as you know I appeared in the Sun as well as the Star Newspaper, both features you can add to your website. However both newspapers quoted the wrong price of L2000.00..I wish!!!!

I would not hesitate to recommend your service as it was faultless from start to finish. I don’t know how many times I spoke to Libby prior to my visit, but on each occasion you told me everything in a straightforward and honest manner. No sales pressure no pestering me (unlike some companies I contacted), you simply presented what you offer and left the decision to me.

Your other half John was my mate as well as advisor throughout. He was not pretentious or pompous and we were truly there I felt, as mates. The first call I received every morning was from John, asking me are you alright, and do I need anything or you fancy going shopping? etc. etc. As I was missing family and home he invited me to his flat and cooked a traditional English Breakfast for me, giving up some of his limited supply of English bacon as well as sausages, and thick toasting bread. (none of which can be obtained in the Czech Republic)

Teresa Cusack Star magazine article

Another occasion I recall ( I can laugh about it now) when I called John to say I thought that I had “sprung a leak” under my support garment. I could feel something moist, and a strange odour coming from there. This incidentally was Good Friday. John immediately got on to the clinic and arranged for me to be taken in.

When I arrived (expecting to see a Nurse or something) to my pleasant surprise and relief, I saw my actual plastic surgeon striding down the corridor armed with his briefcase.

I recall John waiting around rather apprehensively!! Ten minutes later I reappeared fully reassured. The moistness was in fact from the “iodine” which was applied to aid healing. This also was the reason for what I thought was a strange smell!!

This made me think of how it might have been if I had the procedure done in UK and sent more or less straight home with the surgeon nowhere to be seen. Or if I came to Prague and opted to go down a budget route and returned home in a few days. Or one particular company I considered (not in Czech Republic but abroad), who send you virtually straight home. The reassurance of access to your actual surgeon here during your entire stay is… priceless!!

Post-op I experienced no pain only sensitivity when going over bumps in John Jeep. Also I am pleased with the minimal scarring as he only went in around the nipple area. I believe this method of uplifting is called a “concentric lift” or in popular terms “Doughnut” or “lollipop.”

To my surprise only last week I saw a large article in a national newspaper where this type of uplift (minimal scarring) was the latest thing on the market. In Prague the surgeon told me this is standard procedure and has been offered there for over 10 years.

Anyway thanks once again, and we look forward to you visiting us when John is back in UK.

Teresa cusack before breast lift operation - front view Before breast uplift and implant – front view.

Teresa cusack before breast lift operation - side view Before breast uplift and implant – side view.

Teresa cusack after breast lift operation - in bed After breast uplift with implants – in bed

Teresa cusack after breast lift operation - front view 4 days after breast uplift with implants – front view

Teresa cusack after breast lift operation - side views 4 days after breast uplift with implants – side views

Teresa cusack goodbuy to nurses Saying my goodbyes to the lovely nurses

Teresa cusack smiling at the Prague airport At the Prague airport

Teresa cusack at the Prague airport with John Babbage At the Prague airport with John Babbage

Here are my new boobs images, taken 10 days following surgery!
Teresa cusack home pic 1

Teresa cusack home pic 2

Teresa cusack home pic 3

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