• Considering Cosmetic Surgery?

    Are You Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Well….. on the face of it a Cosmetic surgery procedure (or two) might seem a great solution. However, it’s only right to point out; there are certain and very real inherent risks involved as well as limitations on what can be achieved. A few tips and pointers

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  • Plastic surgery Prague | Celebrating 25 Years | of successful outcomes

    Plastic surgery Prague Plastic Surgery Prague is what we do and have done so since 1996. Here is a link to our full website:  Before we explore cosmetic/plastic surgery in Prague let’s take a look at some benefits in detail. let’s compare UK and Prague cosmetic surgery experience in brief. Cosmetic surgery experience comparison Question UK Prague Can

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  • Plastic Surgery Boom | over age 50’s

    Plastic Surgery Boom  over Age ’50s Cosmetic surgery in Prague. The two images shown below illustrate two ladies roughly the same age. Libby on the right had a facelift the other lady- didn’t!                   Cosmetic Surgery Procedures-is it for you? Growing older. Plastic Surgery Boom  over Age

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