Breast implants Procedure

Breast enlargement as a Valentines present

Breast implants Procedure

Hi, My Name is Susie C. from Nottingham.

I had my operation with Europa International as a Valentine’s present from my boyfriend.

Due to the unusual nature of it, I became quite famous, appearing in the Sun newspaper as well as the Sport, and Sunday Mercury. 

Breast implants Procedure

Here I am 5 days after surgery, with John (although he was not in it as he operated the camera) enjoying afternoon tea in Prague!


Breast implants Procedureboob job is prezzie

The main point I would like to get across to you girls is… do not be focused just on price. Probably you can find cheaper than Europa but there again you are sent straight home to fend for yourself. Believe you me breast implants under the muscle is somewhat painful for a day or two. I had drains in for two days, with around the clock nursing care and the nurses were lovely to me. The surgeon could not have been better, giving me a couple of “pecks on the cheek” and held my hand to reassure me.

He actually stated just before I went under anaesthetic; “don’t worry I am going to look after you” and he was as true as his word.

I can be contacted via Europa international.


Breast implants Procedure November 2006
Breast Augmentation Case Study
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Breast implants Procedure