About Europa International

By John Babbage
The Europa concept was borne out of mine and Libby’s connections with the Czech Republic. Libby being Czech born, and I in the U.K. We were actually married in Prague February 28th 1970 before moving to Britain to live. Since then we have travelled between the two countries many hundreds of times. I am able to speak Czech and understand well the culture and mentality of the people. Conversely Libby can claim all of this in reverse.

When we first formed Europa back in 1996 we were entering totally un-chartered waters. This was totally mine and Libby’s idea and in those days mainly due to stigmas from the communist era, nobody in their wildest imagination would consider going to Prague for cosmetic surgery.

My first thought was to be a professional service and made it my mission to learn as much as I could on the subject.

I was lucky enough to find a book entitled “Atlas of Plastic Surgery” which was written by the “Father” of Plastic Surgery the Czech “Frantisek Burian.” I waded through 3 massive volumes eagerly devouring as much information as I could.

At that time Burian and Czech plastic/cosmetic surgery were nowhere to be found anywhere on the web. Today his name and Czech cosmetic surgery often appears on the web, I like to think we played a part here!

Over the years I have witnessed every conceivable cosmetic surgery procedure. The pre op nerves, and the outcome, as well as what to expect. Post-op bruises, swollen faces and tummies, one side healing quicker than the other, and I am in some way able to reassure people with my experience.

My long experience has given me the ability to be able to fairly accurately judge beforehand what the aesthetic improvements are likely to be. Take for example facelifts, I can say with certainty an oval shaped face pulls up better than a round face. Loose thin skin pulls up better than oily skin. If a person does not have a loose neck area, then the improvements will not be so dramatic. With tummy’s I can usually tell if liposuction will suffice, or they need a tummy tuck or both. Our surgeon recently stated that I am probably one of the most knowledgeable lay- medical/cosmetic surgery advisors to be found anywhere.

I mention all of the above not too boost my personal ego, but to assure you, you are in the hands of professionals. If you care to visit us in Luton I/we can genuinely give you an accurate appraisal of what can, or cannot be achieved. This coupled with my wife Libby who has actually “walked the walk” the results are there to see.

I am not of course at any stage suggesting a formal consultation with the surgeon is not required, it is!!

Today Prague is synonymous with cosmetic surgery, in no small part I would have to say, to mine and Libby’s efforts over many years to change perceptions.