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Facelift Surgery

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Procedure definition

Face lifting (rhytidectomy) solves the problems related to ageing symptoms. If it is necessary to also perform operations on the eyelids, we recommend that it be done together with the face lifting. A maximum effect can be achieved if face lift surgery is made in an optimum age range (40-50), after this the skin quality and elasticity diminishes.

Unfortunately as we get older the face begins to sag. We see lines -(trace muscles appear) and the neck region takes on a saggy turkey neck appearance. All of this can be corrected by a facelift(Rhytidectomy) and can be long lasting if the SMAS technique is performed. At the same time usually- (blepharoplasty)-lower and upper eye surgery is performed. Failure to include the eyes, leaves this part of the face out of step with the newly rejuvenated other facial features.

The contrast become more marked as time goes on. How long does it last? between 5- 10 years depending on life style and skin tissue condition. The procedure we offer can include the Tragus. inside the ear incision (instead of to front of ear) as well as the endoscopic technique. The endoscope does still involve scalpel incisions but with the camera assisted endoscope, the surgeon can target specific areas more accurately. Surgery leaves no visible scars although in some cases wearing the hair tied upwards may not be an option.

Face lift surgery – risks

When a facelift surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, complications are infrequent and usually minor. Although the outcome is never completely predictable. You can however reduce your face lift surgery rhytidectomy risks by closely following sound advice. provided in the publication:- Safe Cosmetic Surgery (Authors: Sadgrove and Davies).

Is Facelift surgery right for me?

What the procedure involves

Usually takes between 2.5- 3 hours. Incisions begin inside the temple hairline running vertically toward the front of the ear. Then further running along the front of the ear finishing at the lobe. The incision to the front of the ear is sited in a natural crease possessed by everybody.

These described vertical incisions enable the surgeon to pull the loose skin laterally in the direction of the temple and ear. The next phase is dealing with the lower face and neck region. This involves a further incision behind the ear sited in the hair line which runs down to the base of the hairline. Sometimes the angle and siting of the incision can vary, depending on what you and the surgeon are intending to achieve.

Choosing your surgeon

Luckily in the Czech Republic patients do not run the risk of surgeon “lottery” selection. By law your surgeon must be qualified in plastic surgery (or face prison). However some surgeons, more than others, are prepared to go that extra mile. Our 13 years unrivalled experience in this country enables us to chose wisely for you. In fact the best advertisement is our M.D. Libby Babbage, who underwent the procedure herself. (see her photo’s on our website)

Why us?

Established 1996 we pioneered the original concept of overseas cosmetic surgery. We are often copied but never emulated. Experience-100% track record, reputation, and the most “media sought after” for case studies.

You should have realistic expectations as a facelift is not a miracle procedure and realism should be adopted. Post-op you may not look as young as you expected.

It is not possible to remove the following with surgery: permanent perpendicular wrinkles on the upper and lower lips, and forehead wrinkles. Naso labial grooves are improved by around 60%, and can be further improved by a separate small procedure.


before after pictures (photos)

Face lift surgery before picture Face lift surgery after picture
Face lift surgery before picture Face lift surgery after picture


Libby Babbage

Face lift surgery before picture - libby babbage Face lift surgery after picture - libby babbage
Face lift surgery before picture – Libby Babbage Face lift surgery after picture – Libby Babbage
“I got my sparkle back. I had a full face-lift and was so thrilled with my fresh new look that I decided it was time to tackle my breasts, too. “ – Libby Babbage
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Roslyn from Stockport

Sylvia Hauser


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What happens when I’m in Prague?

liposuction result image

John Babbage with Europa’s client Teresa Cusack at Prague airport.

Usually John Babbage or a member of staff will meet you on arrival at Prague airport and give a guided tour on the way to your private apartment plus show you the best places to eat and of course, shop…

The day after arrival you after your comprehensive medical you will meet the surgeon who will ensure all is ok before proceeding.

We will then be available to you for as long as you wish to make sure your recovery period is as easy as possible. Ultimately, Europa International treats you as an individual and we will be there for you before, during, and after.

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