What is facelift surgery | Rhytidectomy

facelift surgery rhytidectomy

The same person before and After

Facelift surgery rhytidectomy- solves problems related to facial skin tissue sagging – ageing symptoms.

If you are seriously contemplating undergoing a face-lift it is highly advisable to combine with eyelid eye-bag surgery.

Otherwise, you will finish up with having a rejuvenated and much younger looking face, adversely affected, and highlighted by tired older looking eyes.

As the years go by this contrast becomes even more noticeable/starker.

Ideally and for maximum optimum effects, facelift surgery should be undergone between the age 40-50. Thereafter, the skin quality and elasticity diminish.

Unfortunately, as we grow older (inevitably) the face begins to sag. We see lines -(trace muscles appear) and the neck region takes on a saggy turkey neck appearance.

Fortunately, most of these depressing adverse effects can be corrected.  The solution is by undergoing a facelift surgery- Rhytidectomy. The most long-lasting option (rotation of underlying muscles) is the SMAS technique

How long will my facelift likely to last?  Usually between 5- 10 years depending on lifestyle and skin tissue condition.

Facelift surgery – risks

When a facelift surgery is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon complications are infrequent, and usually minor. Although the outcome is never completely predictable. You can, however, reduce your facelift surgery rhytidectomy risks, by closely following sound advice. We recommend this publication:- Safe Cosmetic Surgery (Authors: Sadgrove and Davies).

Is Facelift surgery right for me?

What the procedure involves

It usually takes between 2.5- 3 hours. Incisions begin inside the temple hairline and running vertically toward the front of the ear. Then a  further incision running along the front of the ear finishing at the lobe. The incision to the front of the ear is sited in a natural crease, possessed by everybody.

The next phase is dealing with the lower face and neck region. This involves a further incision sited behind the ear in the hairline. This incision runs down to the base of the hairline. Sometimes the angle and siting of the incision can vary, depending on what you and the surgeon are intending to achieve.

Choosing your facelift surgery surgeon

Luckily in the Czech Republic patients do not run the risk of surgeon “lottery” selection.

By law, your surgeon must be qualified in plastic surgery (or could face prison sentence) The very best advertisement is our own M.D. Libby Babbage who actually underwent the procedure herself. (see Libby’s photo’s on our website)

Why take our free Cosmetic surgery advice.

Well for a start it’s free and without any obligation. Europa International -established in 1996.

Indeed we pioneered the original concept of overseas cosmetic surgery. We are often copied but never emulated. Our experience shows a 100% track record, reputation, and the most “media sought after” for case studies.

Although we can say right here and now; you should have realistic expectations. A facelift is not some kind of miracle procedure, and realism should be adopted. Post-op you may not look as young as you expected.

It is not possible to remove the following with cosmetic surgery:

Permanent perpendicular wrinkles on the upper and lower lips, and forehead wrinkles. Nasolabial grooves are improved by around 60%. However, you can achieve further improvements by undergoing a separate small procedure.

Before-after facelift procedure pictures (photos)

facelift surgery rhytidectomy facelift surgery rhytidectomy
Facelift surgery before picture Facelift surgery after picture

facelift surgery rhytidectomy

John Babbage with Europa’s client the lovely and unforgettable  Teresa Cusack at Prague airport.

What happens when I’m in Prague?

Usually, John or Libby will l meet you on arrival at Prague airport. Beginning by giving you a guided tour, on the way to your private flat. Followed by showing you the best places to eat and of course, shop!

The day after arrival you will undergo your comprehensive medical.

Naturally, of course, then meet your surgeon. Who amongst other things will discuss everything related to your procedure in great detail before proceeding.

Thereafter, we will be available to you at any time for as long as you wish, to make sure your recovery period is as smooth as possible. This is subject to your surgeon’s approval.

Ultimately, Europa International treats you as an individual, and we will be there for you before, during, and after.

Cosmetic surgery fads and gimmicks

In the UK we have seen the rise and fall of several clinics.

Each year it seems many new clinics appear on the scene, and equally, many disappear from the scene.

In the UK I also see a lot of hype and irresponsible marketing directed towards gullible people. Cringe-worthy snake – oil – peddling tactics.

Ineffective fad procedures coming and going along the way.

Originally introduced to a blaze of glory but going out without so much as a whimper-pathetic.

Unsurprisingly many of our UK enquirers expect our clinic to offer them too. They are often disappointed when we say no. That is even though we are helping them by saving their valuable hard-earned cash.

Without being conceited or basking in glory, we have an unrivalled track record in this sphere of expertise.

Widely media acclaimed, the sole choice for case study programmes by both BBC and Anglia TV. Also, entrusted by Full House and Chat magazine to provide surgery in their reader competitions-Win a facelift prizes! Take a look at our press and media section, you will observe numerous stories featuring former patients.

Since 1996 we have delivered home safely every one of our patients. We are grateful to them all for the trust shown in us. That is despite having to withstand prejudicial attitudes towards foreign surgery from friends and relatives etc.

Although not the cheapest our good reputation has seen us receive an increasing number of patients from other countries too. Particularly Scandinavia, Germany and the former USSR.

In conclusion, be careful, be safe, and do not be influenced solely by rock bottom prices. Remember you only have one body, one face, and it’s very precious to you.

Indeed when we say NO  it’s assumed it’s due to the Czech Republic being less advanced! Which in effect the opposite. Amidst all this confusion no wonder patients are more vulnerable. We have from day-one struggled to overcome the UK enquirers scepticism towards anything Eastern Europe.

Plastic surgery advice from a genuine Guru.

Since forming Europa international in 1996, Libby and John have taken to Prague more than 20,000 patients. More importantly, delivered them all home safely-  every single one of them. A one hundred per cent track -record.

Below are three images which reflect the passing of time, and what can be done to correct the external ageing signs. Agreed, not for everyone, and perhaps we can be accused of vanity but as with everyone it’s –  their choice![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]