face-lifting surgery procedure a -Rhytidectomy

All about face-lift surgery. Below on left and right side we see two elderly ladies Elderly ladies apparently  growing old gracefully. Resigned a something to accept as simply nature taking its course. In the middle we have the same lady before and after a facelift.

Facelift Surgery procedure

facelift surgery procedure

Facelift Surgery procedureFacelift Surgery procedure












This  surgical procedure helps restore some of that lost spark of youth, bringing  back the feel-good factor.

Facelift surgery procedure

Due to great advances in plastic surgery technology and less downtime, a facelift surgery procedure is becoming a more acceptable alternative that pretty non effective visits to beauty salons etc. Even amongst those 40-70 year olds wanting to make the most of what they have.

There are many differing reasons as to why people opt for a facelift surgery.

Otten we hear  reasons such as: ” pleasing their partner” -thankfully low down the list.

More often than its due to peer pressure and competition in the workplace  from new younger recruits.

Rather sad, but there again ageism has always existed in the workplace. Our older patients simply tell us they want to make the most of what years they have remaining.


Our clinic was recently awarded the prestigious  German ISO  9001 quality certificate.

For many people considering facelift surgery one of their biggest fears-unnatural- Barbie -doll look! Lets face it how many of you have actually seen a bad facelift?  Was it the cashier in your local supermarket or perhaps on a train or bus?…NO… the chances are you have never seen one. More likely read some story in the media about it, and of course the “good ones” always go unnoticed.

Until  recent plastic surgery of the face was confined to a single operation  a- circular face lift. With the advent of modern endoscopic equipment, technology, SMAS facelifting techniquesc offers new face tightening methods hence the circular face lift has gone down in history.

We know how to achieve the best results

The main influences in the development of modern plastic surgery has always been to reflects the wishes of the majority of patients – they want to get a natural and long-term results, with minimal trauma intervention.

Our clinic achieves these goals by following three basic principles:

1.  Our surgeon does not limit the procedure just to skin tightening, but lifting and working the  deep tissue on the SMAS level. This allows for a more long-term effect ;

2.   Taking into account your individual aspirations/requirements and structural features of your face, we select the individual combination of modern techniques and technologies for each patient to achieve a natural and complete anti-aging effect ;

3.   We perform facelift procedures in Prague through minimal incisions and use modern techniques, achieving thus a lighter and shorter rehabilitation ;

We offer the best customised solutions

Thanks to the skills, talent and experience of our plastic surgeons, as well as the fully-equipped operating theatre our clinic can offer you a personalised program to chose the optimal surgical intervention, providing the latest tools and the most effective methods of  facial plastic surgery.

Our clinic offers a full range of  bo the effective invasive, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It should also be mentioned if our plastic surgeon sees an opportunity to achieve what you wish without the need  of  invasive surgery, or at least  postpone the need for several more years rest assured he/she will offer theses alternative of  a more gentle cosmetic surgery procedure.

Sylvia Hauser – facelift surgery

“What I expected to be a traumatic, stressful and obviously painful, yet worthwhile experience turned out to be quite literally amazing” 

Facelift Surgery procedure

Sylvia Hauser before face lift

Facelift Surgery procedure

Sylvia Hauser after face lift

Facelift surgery overview

The loosening and drooping of the skin along with the formation of wrinkles in the face is a natural sign of aging. The age at which these signs become apparent is individual, and ranges from thirty to fifty years. It depends on the type of the skin, hereditary factors, profession, and or exposure to the sun. The surgical facelift technique solves the problems of aging skin, in Particular ptosis or drooping of the skin and the apparatus of the fine facial muscles. The surgery is performed in both women and men.

Facelift surgery – what happens how is it performed?

The surgeon makes an incision from the hairline at the temple downwards in front of the ear auricle and around the ear lobe into the crease behind the ear towards the scalp, or performs a  SMAS Face Lift where the incision is made behind the auricle (tragus) Rather Than in front of it. Subsequently, the Surgeon Removes excess skin on the face or neck. He / she lifts and shortens the subcutaneous fibrous structures. At the end of the procedure, drains can be applied into the surgical wounds that drain blood. This procedure eliminates the risk of bruising in the areas operated on. The drains should be removed approximately 2 days after surgery.

“I got my sparkle back. I just had a full face-lift and was so thrilled, with my fresh new look,I decided it was time to tackle my breasts, too. ” – Libby Babbage

More information  see further down.

Europa-International offers a variety of facelift surgery procedures that help to restore a more youthful appearance, and return that spring to your step. We can´t promise  we can make you look age 21 again but what we can promise, is to make you look younger than your years with a distinguished look that is pleasing for you and appealing to others.”I got my sparkle back I had a full facelift and was so thrilled with my fresh new look that I decided it was time to tackle my breasts, too. ” – Libby Babbage

You will not be able to judge the final results at all immediately after the operation. The result of the surgery will be more obvious after the swelling resolves, usually after 3 weeks. Since the healing is individual and  a continual process, the final result will not be definitive until around months.


After the surgery

t is usually recommended to wear a compression garment. This is an Important part of the treatment During the healing period as it helps keep the treated injured tissues close together and provides Greater comfort. In Addition, the garment as it minimizes Swelling Prevents the accumulation of fluids. How long the compression garment should be worn will vary by patient. The regeneration period May take one month or even longer, and thereafter the patient can resume all of his / her normal Activities.

You will not be able to judge the final results at all immediately after the operation. The result of the surgery will be more obvious after the swelling resolves, usually after 3 weeks. Since the healing is individual and  a continual process, the final result will not be definitive until around months.

Surgery on a single area of the face is usually insufficient to achieve total “wow factor” unless it includes eyelid and eye bag correction as well as a sagging forehead and  brow.  Occasionally combining chin liposuction can be beneficial.

Additional information: During the first week after the surgery, the client is instructed to consume only soft liquid food, and avoid any sudden movement. The patient should avoid direct sunlight for 1 to 2 months.

Facelift Surgery procedure – risks

Serious complications in facelift surgery are fortunately something of a rarity.

However nerve damage is serious but thankfully extremely rare. It’s been suggested pulling the tissue too tight increase this risk.

Facelift Surgery procedure

Patient 3 Aptos thread lift surgery before –

Facelift Surgery procedure








The same-Patient 3 – Aptos thread lift post-op front view

Is a Facelift Surgery procedure Right for Me?

A facelift procedure is not the panacea of youth and you should have realistic expectations.

As our surgeon once described it-“liken it to a loose and crumpled bed sheet, we can only tuck it back in again we cant give you a new bed sheet!”

Facelift surgery procedure has no effect on things such as permanent perpendicular wrinkles/lipstick bleed lines on the upper and lower lips or forehead wrinkles etc.

In the case of Naso- labial grooves you can expect  improvements up to 60%. Further improved can be achieved by another procedure known as auto-implantation.

“The images show all the stages of progress from beginning to end. I am a new woman! ” 

Roslyn from Stockport 

Facelift Surgery procedure

Roselyn before

Facelift Surgery procedure

Roselyn after

We are the only company where the actual owner of the firm meets and greets you upon arrival at Prague airport.

Europa International personally cares for the patient during every step of the way, right up until you board the aircraft to return home. 

Please note Libby is now retired. This page is now solely an information source only.