• Established 1996
  • Longest on the cosmetic surgery abroad market
  • Incredible success rate
  • Innovation extraodinary
  • See On BBC and Anglia TV as well as all major newspaper-see our main webpages click here

Cosmetic Surgery Advice From the Guru of more than 20 years

Longest established  in the market of cosmetic surgery abroad

EUROPA International is the longest established company taking UK residents abroad to the Czech Republic the home of modern cosmetic surgery.

EUROPA International is your No.1 safe choice for the very best results, the very latest techniques the best trained and internationally recognised surgeons, state-of-the-art operating facilities, first class accommodation, and the very least risk.

Since 1996 we have arranged over 300 regular trips to glorious, historic Prague for cosmetic surgery abroad.

This equates to in excess of 30,000 patients brought and returned home safely (without exception) during that time.

Incredible success rate

Our success rate is an unmatched 100% – your guarantee of the highest professional standards and the best result for a beautiful new you.

Why not take a short holiday away from your everyday world from which you return in triumph?

The beautiful new you is a just a single click away.


We are the U.K pioneers of this concept focusing 100% on one venue: Prague.

Although easy for other organisations to replicate our original’s ideas, it means it was not theirs in the first place.

Which begs the question what have they got to offer in creativity or innovation, if they simply jump on our coat tails?