Cosmetic plastic surgery options

Cosmetic surgery at home versus abroad. For UK citizens there are basically three options when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery:

  • Plastic surgery in U.K. (Near to home – but are you?)

  • Plastic surgery abroad (Perhaps near a sunny beach)

  • Plastic surgery in Prague (With Europa International)

OPTION 1: Plastic surgery in U.K.

At face value, having surgery in UK may seem the best option for you. But let us scrutinise all seeming benefits first:

I am near to home.

But are you? If you travelled from the Midlands to say.Harley Street-3 hours by car. By train then a taxi, around 2 hours, and overall would cost more than a flight to Prague. East Midlands Airport to Prague is 1 hour thirty.

I cannot afford to be away from work for 12 days – after facelift for example.

12 days is dictated by the fact the final suture removal cannot take place earlier. Either way whether the surgery is performed in U.K or Prague, you will be unable to work for same period of time.

Having surgery in UK is reassuring, and if there is a problem I am on home territory!

Complications such as post-op infections occur “always” within 48 hours. With Europa you will be still under the care of the clinic. In UK you would almost certain be home with no nursing care or indeed easy access to your surgeon. Of course you could always visit your local NHS hospital…we are sure you would be well received!!

Yes, but I am worried if anything did go wrong post the 48 hour period, or after I returned home?

When considering cosmetic surgery at home versus abroad We are not arrogant or complacent enough to state categorically no complications will/could arise. However if you needed to return to our clinic for whatever reason we repeat- it -is a one hour thirty flight.

OPTION 2: Plastic surgery abroad

(perhaps near a sunny beach, safari park… or even Beverly Hills) Considerations in cosmetic surgery at home versus abroad

We are not going to beat about the tropical bush here! We strongly discourage you from having cosmetic plastic surgery done in a warm or even tropical climate. Plastic surgeons throughout the world agree that warm/high temperatures are not the optimal conditions for cosmetic surgery.

Many people become mentally mixed-up with serious cosmetic surgery and an exotic holiday destination. Obviously it’s nice to boast to friends but in reality…”Can you imagine armed with a camera and binoculars, bouncing across a dusty African Safari Park in a Land Rover, after undergoing liposuction?” You would soon be back in hospital again! It is very cheap in the Far East…but you are not exactly buying a new vacuum cleaner here.

Your aim is to heal quickly and without complications but

Warm weather is your worst enemy.

We covered risks of having plastic surgery in tropical climes in details in the following important warning.

Alternatively you could simply “stick a pin in the map” and opt for any EEC country…they might be good…or they might not!! Not substantially cheaper either. Or even look outside the EEC…certainly cheap!

OPTION3: Plastic surgery in Prague (with EUROPA International)

None of the above mentioned risks. That’s just for starter’s.

Only highly qualified surgeons and experienced (10 years on the market!) personal care when you need it most.

Europa provides for the more discerning clientele, and as such do not offer “bargain basement” services. We cater mainly for the type of client who wants the best service in all aspects, without paying the absolute highest tariffs.

For example: You would not wish to pay 5 star hotel rates for a holiday in the West End of London, but would be happy to have this standard of service, when, say, taking a holiday in Thailand at cheaper rates.

But if you looking to holiday in a tent, or a week in Torrelominos, we would respectfully suggest you look elsewhere.

We cover having cosmetic plastic surgery in Prague benefits in details on a special page and really don’t seem to find a weak point in this option. If you do, please let us know and we will give you personalised answer.

Oh, and by the way: Modern day European Plastic surgery was pioneered in Czechoslovakia!

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