• Are Cosmetics surgery real

    Cosmetic surgery images before and after-are they real? Lets face it-when it comes to advertising/marketing there is little to choose between one clinic and another. They all have the best surgeons, best equipment and often endorsed by a string of celebrities….

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  • Considering Cosmetic Surgery?

    Although Cosmetic surgery can bring about some improvements in your appearance/how you look- however, it can only achieve so much. Cosmetic surgery, and or plastic surgery, on the face of it might seem a great solution in improving your appearance and lopping a…

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery story This page is a historic page based on 22 years experience in taking patients to Prague. Our management team are now retired and no longer offer the service commercially. Extract of what we once offered. Europa International Coordinators providing…

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  • U.K. Provider marks 20 Years of successful cosmetic surgery Abroad

    Plastic surgery Prague Before we explore cosmetic surgery in Prague benefits in details. let’s compare UK and Prague cosmetic surgery experience in brief. Cosmetic surgery experience comparison Question UK Prague Can I be sure my surgeon is qualified?…

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