• Plastic Surgery Story

    Libby Babbage plastic surgery story Facelift Surgery Prague (Libby co-founder of EUROPA International) Libby now retired. Ever considered cosmetic surgery? I did – and I had it! My name is Libby Babbage – ex Playboy Bunny – Park Lane (Met Hugh,…

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  • Porcelain Veneers

    Dental porcelain veneers Porcelain Veneers In life we learn that a smile interacts well with others around us, and indeed the world seems to smiles back! A beautiful open smile works wonders for our self confidence too. It works well equally in a social as well…

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  • Facelift Surgery is it worth it? Take a look here

    Facelift Surgery is it worth it? Take a look here

    Facelift surgery  – is it for me? hippy bus Facelift Surgery. So you were once a wild child hippie, me too.  Those were the days. We thought we were going to live forever.   Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Next came the assassination of Kennedy, and…

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  • Are Cosmetics surgery images shown real?

    Are before and after Cosmetic Surgery Real Well without a doubt Some are questionable. Lets face it-when it comes to cosmetic surgery advertising/marketing. Indeed frankly there is little to choose between one clinic and another. They all have the best surgeons,…

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