• Different types of Cataracts

    Different types of Cataracts There exists three different types of cataracts, one is defined by its different locations on the lense. Nuclear Cataracts A formation on the lens nucleus, is one of the most common cataracts. An opacity develops in the central section…

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  • Cataract Surgery Right Now-When You Need It!

    Cataract Surgery Undergoing Cataract Surgery can really and truly transform a persons life. Without exaggeration or being over dramatic in many cases cataract left unchecked can cause blindness. Moreover along- the- way if left untreated, can cause a person to…

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  • Impressive Plastic Surgery Story

    Libby Babbage plastic surgery story Facelift Surgery Prague (offered by UK company¬†based in Luton) Libby now retired. Ever considered cosmetic surgery? I did – and I had it! Welcome to my cosmetic surgery advice and resources page. My name is Libby Babbage…

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  • Porcelain Veneers

    Dental porcelain veneers Porcelain Veneers (Case study Libby Babbage) In life we learn that a smile interacts well with others around us, and indeed the world seems to smiles back! A beautiful open smile, works wonders for our self confidence too. It works well…

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