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Cataract Surgery. Right Now Or When Flights Resume!!

Considering Cataract Replacement Surgery?

A Cataract surgery operation can really and truly transform a person’s life.

Offered by the renowned UK medical services providers – Europa-International-Based In Luton.

Since 1996, Europa – International has delivered home safely from their Prague partner clinic to more than 20,000 cosmetic surgery patients.

During that time proud to announce not one single complication seen on BBC, and Anglia TV, as well as national press.

Why have we taken it upon ourselves to spread our wings into this territory? Especially as both of us are nowadays deep into our retirement years.

SIMPLE ANSWER!! Cataract Surgery cost so little – yet in 30 minutes you have your once good eyesight restored.

We spotted a niche in the market. We were shocked to discover many seniors in the UK were being rationed for this crucial procedure. Not only a long wait for the surgery but offered only one eye at a time. So, we asked our contact in Czech Ophthalmology to compare. Answer:

No delay whatsoever. No limitation in just doing one eye at a time. Although it’s not advisable to do both together. However, it can be combined in one trip as long as there are a couple of days in between.

Costs: Take a look here: Optimax £2995.00, Our Clinic for the same procedure using the same equipment: £700.00

Obviously, there are additional costs: Air ticket, accommodation etc. but you would still be on the saving side. We either organise your itinerary with instructions, or we can accompany you.

Can you trust us? We are in the older age bracket ourselves age 70 plus. However, if you travel alone, we arrange everything for you. We can discuss the option during discussions.

Cataracts | your eyes

Without exaggeration or being overdramatic, cataracts left unchecked can cause blindness.

Moreover along- the-way, left untreated cataracts can easily cause a person to injure themselves, due to their impaired vision.

cataract surgery
Classic Cararacts Case-With Opaque & Cloudy Vision

Cataract Conditions produce a clouding over the eye lens

This, of course drastically affects vision. To begin, manifestations are quite slow in either one or both eyes. Thus affecting reading, driving a car, recognising people and objects.

Not to mention the risks of injury when being unable to see what you are doing clearly. Basically a big loss of independence.

Cataract Surgery
Through the blurred window of a cataract sufferer

Cataract Symptoms include fading of colours, and blurred and double vision known as diplopia.

There are often seen as vague ‘ halos’ around the light. Also, difficulties coping with bright lights, and naturally impaired vision.

Cataract Surgery Options | how can we help you?

Well for a start we can save you quite a considerable amount of money. Worlds class renowned surgeons, and only a one-hour 40-minute flight from Stansted to the Czech Republic. Actually, Less time than it might take you to get into London.

Moreover, with the London congestion and parking charges this cost alone, would probably exceed the price of your return air ticket from London- Stansted with Wizz Air.

Cataracts medical and nursing care.

The staff are very experienced and speak excellent English. Offering the most up-to-date surgical methods:

Laser vision correction: ReLEx Smile, FemtoLASIK

Intraocular refractive surgery: PRELEX, RLE, ICL

Cataract surgery: cataract and femtocataract (LenSx)

How does the service work see our link page:

Type Of Cataract procedure offered depends greatly on the age of the patient as follows:

45 – 65 years of age: intraocular refractive surgery (RLE/CLE with a monofocal implant – to correct hyperopia or myopia and astigmatism, or PRELEX with a trifocal implant – to correct hyperopia or myopia and presbyopia and astigmatism)

65 years and older: cataract surgery (with monofocal, bifocal of trifocal implant).

Methods RLE/CLE, PRELEX and cataract surgery – it is the same procedure = lens exchange, using either phako-emulsification (with ultrasonic vibration to emulsify the lens), or femtosecond laser (with laser ray to fragment the lens). We do both.

As for the intraocular lenses – we only use Alcon and Zeiss products:

Alcon lenses read more about them here: Alcon

monofocal IOL: Acry  Sof Natural

monofocal aspheric  IOL: Clareon

monofocal aspheric toric IOL: Acry Sof IQ Toric (to correct astigmatism)
bifocal aspheric IOL: Acry Sof IQ ReSTOR

bifocal aspheric toric IOL: Acry Sof IQ ReSTOR Toric

trifocal aspheric IOL: Acry Sof IQ PanOptix

trifocal aspheric toric IOL: Acry Sof IQ PanOptix Toric

(with Alcon IOLs the lens capsular opacification occurs in about 15-20% of patients).

Zeiss Lenses read more about them here: ZEISS Image Courtesy of Zeiss.

Trifocal IOL: AT LISA Tri Tri Toric

ICL method – it is not a lens exchange, but the ICL is added in front of the natural lens, and we only use Visian ICL

We do not use phakic lenses anymore.

For younger patients with limited vision

There is laser vision correction. We have two lasers: femtosecond VisuMax and excimer MEL 80. We offer PRK, femto-LASIK and ReLEx Smile procedures.

And last, but not least – the anaesthesia: we also use local anaesthetics (eye drops), but we do not use injections to stop the eyelid moving – instead of injections we use a barraquer to keep the eye open: