Breast Uplift and ReductionBreast Uplift and Reduction

The op was unexpectedly Pain-Free!!

Breast Uplift and Reduction.   HIYA!! how are you?!?! John told me you rang, so hi!! and I am fine and still alive……the op was unexpectedly pain-free!! I mean I thought I’d experience a lot more pain then I did….so that was a good thing…..


Miss Patel Pre-Op            2 weeks Miss Patel  Breast Uplift and Reduction  Post-Op 

Well, Prague seems nice…..been shopping and went around the city today, it’s been so hot.

how u been???

Been for my checkup today and the surgeon seems happy with what he’s done….so am I !!!

But they said that I won’t have healed enough to have my stitches out while I’m here.  So I will have to have them out back at home. But guess I would rather heal properly b4 they are taken out!

Anyways, cya soon, thanks for all your help. take care.

Miss S. Patel

My Breast Uplift and Reduction-loving them!!! they feel so normal!!!

hey….. I’ve been meaning to email you but just haven’t had the net…i’m back home now….finished uni as well….did well in my exams I got a 2:1, so that’s another thing to celebrate…….loving them!!! they feel so normal!!! thank you and john 4 everything….he was great…..very nice and I’d recommend you guys any day!!!

.bit sore….but had some stitches taken out on 22nd, but the nurse said that I had to keep a few in due to some discharge so I had them taken out on Monday…..all is well now…still got a slight bit of discharge but should be ok as I am going doctors in a few hours!!

how are u? hope all is well and we’ll email you soon wid some after pics!!!

I think I spoke to john about the pics… I don’t mind if they are used as long as my face does not appear on them!!! lol.

cya, take care.

S. Patel

Boobs are fine, healed up all ok now!

hey… I’m fine!!! the sunshine was ok!! Dubai was so hot! and mostly enjoyed spending time with my family!

but yeah….boobs are fine, healed up all ok now! but found an unremoved stitch which just came out itself…well with a little tug! lol.

hope all is well…oh and I just wanted to ask if you would recommend any sort of anti scar cream or anything I could use?!?! I mean they’re not too bad but thought I might as well…..

I have my pics…..soI  have attached them here….hope they come of some use, just took a few as I wasn’t sure what you wanted!

and also the last time I had an email John you said something about people calling to chat about my op, etc, (like Libby did with me) and that cool too now I’m back I can be contacted via Europa, at almost any time.

hope that helps, cya!

S. Patel