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Same person before and After

Hello, My facelift procedure

(I am told)

is natural and indistinguishable as surgical enhancement – 

Yours should be too. That’s what we Like me I want my clients to enjoy the natural results that do not scream ‘plastic surgery’ and can withstand the test of time.

Plastic surgery advice designed to help you in not only looking good now;- but one, five, or even ten years time.

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Private clinic of plastic and cosmetic surgery-Prague

Situated in a quiet location in the historic city centre of Prague. Our priorities are professionalism, reliability, responsiveness, and fully standardised operating procedures.

We provide only the best and long-tested operating methods in accordance with EU standards.

highly qualified team of medical professionals

Plastic surgery advice from a genuine Guru. Since forming Europa international in 1996, Libby and John have taken to Prague more than 20,000 patients. More importantly delivered them all home safely-  every single one of them. A one hundred percent track -record.

Below are three images, which reflect the passing of time and what can be done to correct the external ageing signs. Agree not for everyone and perhaps we can be accused of vanity, but as with everyone it’s –  their choice!  Please note we are now both retired; but happy to offer free and unbiased advice.

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

Libby model 1972

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

Libby before op

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

today post op

From the beginnings as a Playboy Bunny, through to modelling, working as a croupier, then a flight attendant, to a private entrepreneur.

Originally from Prague in 1970 she married John, then moved to England where she has lived ever since.

I shall begin my story, with what really should be the latter part of the story.

Plastic surgery for the over 50s is something I can empaphise with.

Whilst always having a fascination with cosmetic surgery I became especially interested when I felt that I  might be in need of some- myself. This all began around 1993, when I also learned this little known fact at the time that my own country Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia as it was then) has been at the forefront of plastic surgery since around 1914.

Before embarking on this adventure I devoted more than two years to research. Determined to learn everything there is to know about this branch of medical intervention. Along  the way, amongst other things, it meant visiting almost every plastic surgery clinic within the Czech Republic.

Actually, I was the world’s first to offer to (market) Czech plastic surgery to foreign clients.

Since then I have seen many changes and gained invaluable insights into what works, and what doesn’t. Thus along the way learning the secrets of how to achieve the best results in both the safest and most cost-effective way.

Our focus Plastic surgery for the over 50s

If today you name me any plastic surgeon in Czech Republic-chances are- I ‘ll know them. Of course, over almost twenty years many surgeons have retired and been replaced by a new generation.

In UK I have seen the rise and fall of a number of clinics.

Each year it seems either a new one appears or indeed -another one disappears. In the UK I also see a lot of hype too with a number of heavily marketed (totally useless) fad procedures coming and going along the way. Originally introduced to a blaze of glory but going out without so much as a whimper.

Many of our UK enquirers expect our clinic to offer them too, and are often disappointed when we say no, even though we help save their valuable hard earned money.

Indeed when we say no its assumed its due to the Czech republic being less advanced! Which in effect the opposite. Amidst all this confusion no wonder patients are more vulnerable.

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

Wedding day 1970

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

Signing the register

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

cca 1973 modelling

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

same year 1973

Me working as a stewardess cca. 1973 for Court Line aviation. A brilliant company to work for I might add!
20 years as a plastic surgery guru

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

1974 Off to be a Playboy bunny girl

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

1976 Britannia airways

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

1976 Britannia again

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

Sometime during 80’s San Francisco

Apart from great architecture my abiding memory of San Francisco was asking for a large Pizza . I then discovered the American “large” Pizza really was large!    It would have comfortably fed six people!>

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

1988 with my Son Paul

20 years as a plastic surgery guru

Today following a number cosmetic surgery procedures

Although we do not just cover cosmetic surgery for the over 50s-

We felt this age category has little coverage. So forgive the indulgence.

In closing, I realise cosmetic surgery is never going to restore the face, and body,I once possessed as an eighteen-year-old.

But whilst I can I want to enjoy, instead, of recoiling every morning when looking in my bathroom mirror.