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porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers (Case study Libby Babbage)

In life we learn that a smile interacts well with others around us, and indeed the world seems to smiles back!

A beautiful open smile, works wonders for our self confidence too. It works well equally in a social, as well as business/work environment.

Conversely, smiling is something people tend to avoid when teeth are crooked, uneven, or discolored.

porcelain veneers set

Benefits of dental porcelain veneers

Dental veneer is a very thin facade of porcelain that can be applied over damaged, discoloured, or misaligned teeth.

This procedure has several advantages over other tooth restoration procedures. There is no extractions or huge filing of the teeth.The high quality porcelain our clinic uses is long lasting, highly durable with shading exactly mimicking tooth enamel. It never decays or stains. Moreover Veneers are highly effectively in closing gaps.

Dental porcelain veneers cost (price)

Even though article on Dental veneers declares that “Private treatment is £200-£1,200 per tooth, depending on material” we were not able to locate any dentist in the U.K charging only £200. In fact there were many higher than £1,200!

Prices in Prague for the very highest quality material are around £350.00 per tooth.

Porcelain veneers testimonial

Although I have always been blessed with sound teeth (I only had my first filling 5 years ago) I noticed of recent, they were becoming somewhat discoloured. However I know that the real quality veneers are extremely expensive in U.K.

Libby sitting in the chair

I saw a T.V. programme recently where a father purchased for his Son’s 18 birthday 6 veneers cost was £12,000! The work was carried out (using highest quality material) at a top london facility. Often they can be obtained cheaper using your local dentist, but in may cases the dentist is not specifically trained in aesthetic dentistry, nor are the veneers long lasting.

To be fair the local dentist caters for the mass market with little call for the very “high end”the market.

Whereas I wanted the very best top quality, as well as a trained aesthetics dentist. But not in a position (without a remortgage) to pay around £2000.00 per veneer.

Having many positive experiences using Czech medical specialists, I decided to have my veneers at our facility in Prague.

In particular The clinic I chose are over and above the very highest. Notably being the only authorised teaching centre of excellence in the whole of Europe for the internationally respected American Academy of Dental Implantologist.

My brief to them was:I wished the veneers to show as white. Indeed I quoted the so -called “Hollywood Smile”.

The whole process took almost a week. Which included many hours of preparation in the precision fittings  work involved.

The dentist utilised the latest technology known as the “Cerec” Robot. In essence the crowns are made using a robotic machine. See website: (opens in a new window)

porcelain dental veneers set prepared to be applied

Having  in the past little experience with dentists (I always had good teeth) I was, to be frank, a little apprehensive about pain levels. -Actually there was none!!

The worst part was sitting in a chair for hours on end and developing back ache. The insertion of various moulds in- and- out of my mouth was not too pleasant either.

Now it’s all done, and I am absolutely delighted with the results. In total I had 20 veneers. Which when calculating on the basis of what the Father paid for his Son in Harley Street = £40,000!! We can provide the same for any patients at around £7-8,000!! Less if you do not require so many!!

For many this means you can achieve the “Hollywood Smile” without remortgaging your house.  Or indeed a huge bank loan.

Below are the results!


(See also Libby personal story page)

Dental porcelain veneers before – after pictures (photos)

Porcelain veneers before photo (picture) 1 Porcelain veneers after photo (picture) 10
Porcelain veneers before photo (1) Porcelain veneers after photo (1)
Porcelain veneers before photo (picture) 3 Porcelain veneers after photo (picture) 4
Dental veneers before photo (2) Dental veneers after photo (2)
Porcelain veneers before photo (picture) 5 Porcelain veneers after photo (picture) 8
Dental porcelain veneers after photo (3) Dental porcelain veneers after photo (3)
porcelain dental veneers after picture close up
Dental veneers after picture close up
Porcelain dental veneer after picture big 1

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