Ever considered cosmetic surgery?

I did – and I had it!

Libby Babbage had plastic surgery

My name is Libby Babbage – ex Playboy Bunny – Park Lane (Met Hugh, as well as Victor Lowndes!) and Britannia airways stewardess now escorting groups of patients monthly from U.K. to our European destinations.

(As seen in ElleNew WomanGood HealthTop SanteCosmopolitan, and Marie Clair Daily ExpressChat Magazine, and Trisha programme. Although we are based in the U.K.,enquiries are most welcome from anywhere worldwide.

I looked better in my 50’s than in my 20’s.

Libby Babbage after plastic surgery looks much better

I combined my face-lift with a 2-week break abroad where our state-of-the-art clinic is located. I then recently went on to have a breast reduction and uplift the results of which you can see below.

Before and after pics of myself

Before face lift side view After face list side view
Before face lift
Side View
After face lift
Side View
Before breast uplift (Yes uplift only – NO IMPLANTS!!After breast uplift
Before breast uplift After breast uplift

I tried it, it was great, and now I sincerely recommend it.

Libby’s photo story

BEST magazine 3 May 2005 issue 17/05

I wanted to look like I did when I was 21

When her sexy figure headed south, Libby Babbage, 55, found an uplifting solution that has boosted her self-confidence.

Libby Babbage had plastic surgery

When I was in my 20s I was really confident about my body. I was lovely and slim, with a 36C bust, and I used to get lots of male attention all the time.

I married my husband John after a whirlwind six-month romance – we just knew we were meant for each other.

Back then, John ran his own car rental business while I started a career doing part-time modelling. This is me on a calendar shoot for Pirelli. My bust was my favourite part of my body – and doesn’t it show?

Libby Babbage had plastic surgery

Modelling was fun but I didn’t see it as a long-term career. I wasn’t worried about losing my looks. I never thought about my skin sagging or my body going down the pan – because I was silly and naive enough- to believe it would never happen to me.

But I did want to try something new so, six months after marrying John, I became an air hostess. There was a lot of pressure to look good – it was company policy to ground the cabin crew if they put on too much weight – so I was careful about what I ate.

Libby Babbage had plastic surgery

In 1982, after eight years, I became pregnant and gave up flying. For the first time ever I could eat what I liked. My weight shot up to 12st. I’d always thought about my body in terms looking good but, as I held my son Paul for the first time I couldn’t believe I’d produced this gorgeous baby.

I gave up work to be a hands-on mum and, free of the constant pressure from work to stay slim, I indulged in cheesecake and chocolate ice cream without feeling guilty. My waist expanded and, although at first it didn’t matter that much because I was just so proud and happy to be a mum, a string of yo-yo diets soon took their toll on my body.

Libby Babbage had plastic surgery

At 47, I was left with a jowly face and droopy breasts. I got talking to a friend who’d had a face-lift and decided I wanted surgery, too. In 1997 I went to Prague where surgery is cheaper, and paid £1500 for a neck lift. I was thrilled with the results.

John had always told me he loved me whatever, but having a smooth neck and tighter skin made me feel like my old self again – I got my sparkle back. Two years ago I had a full face-lift and was so thrilled with my fresh new look that I decided it was time to tackle my breasts, too. I couldn’t wait to get my pert cleavage back.

Libby Babbage had plastic surgery

Facelift Surgery Prague

After I’d fully recovered from the face-lift, I underwent surgery to uplift my right breast and remodel my left one, which was bigger. It cost £3000, but it was worth every penny. As I lifted the sheet after the operation and saw two firm, round breasts where my saggy had been, I felt like a teenager again. They looked so natural and, once the scars healed, there was nothing to show I’d had surgery.

I hadn’t worn a bikini in years, but now my transformation was complete, I felt even more proud of my body than I had 30 years before. My friends commented on my new look and it occurred to me there must be plenty of other women out there desperate to get their old selves back. That’s when John and I set up a company to take women like me abroad for surgery, where it’s cheaper. We were amazed at the response. Women love the idea of combining surgery with a holiday.

Libby Babbage had plastic surgery

Straight after the operation I treated myself to a trendy new wardrobe of figure-hugging outfits.

Here I am relishing my 36C curves again.

It’s as if the clock’s been turned back. My friends and family told me I looked more like 33 than 55 – and who am I to argue?

I like to think I dress in clothes to suit my age – my body’s age, that is, no it my real one!

Libby Babbage had plastic surgeryLibby Babbage had plastic surgery

This is me at 55 and I think I look better than I have in years – I certainly feel it.

Seeing how happy surgery has made me, John’s even decided to get on the bandwagon, too.

This is us at a wedding and, since this picture was taken, John has had liposuction around his chin and an upper eye -lift. He is also thinking about having a face-lift.

I used to take my looks for granted, but not any more. I’m so thankful to be me again, I’ll do whatever I can to stay this way!

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