Although Cosmetic surgery can bring about some improvements in your appearance/how you look- however, it can only achieve so much.

Considering Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, and or plastic surgery, on the face of it might seem a great solution in improving your appearance and lopping a few years off-so to speak. However it’s only right to say there are certain inherent risk as well as limitations on what can be achieved. Cosmetic surgery, however, has risks as well as limitations.

A few tips and pointers for you.

Your surgery will of course improve your appearance by adjusting various parts to your body that are already working fine and OK, but don’ quite look how you would wish.

What will the procedure do for me?

Yes it will bring about some improvement but not a miracle transformation. It’s not likely  to suddenly propel you to instant  stardom in a TV series or launch you to some level of celebrity statues. Do not bank on it rescuing a struggling marriage or relationship, or enhancing work and social status.

Improvement expectations. 

Yes there will be some but nothing dramatic or absolute perfection. If you expect cosmetic surgery to turn you into a movie star you’re bound to be disappointed. Your surgery will not help to save a rocky relationship, or  gain  promotion at work  or improve your social life.

Risk factors.

Yes there are many! One of the most commonplace is  by your own perceptions  is that you are simply -dissatisfied. You don’t look as young as you expected, there are still lots of facial wrinkles…etc.etc.Post plastic/cosmetic surgery there are some narcissistic types, who will never be happy with the outcome. Moreover complications with the actual surgery itself can occur.

  • Post-op. Healing is very individual. It can range from a few days to many weeks and sometime it can stretch to months.  This could render you unable to work for much longer than you anticipated. However these issues are inherent in your organisms and not the fault of the surgeon who it’s too easy to blame.

Mental aspect’s/consideration’s.

Although looking and feeling good about yourself is very uplifting  psychologically, cosmetic surgery is unlikely to solve any deep rooted mental issues.

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