Are Cosmetic Surgery images Real

Are Cosmetic surgery Images real

Same Lady before and after Eye Bag surgery

Well without a doubt Some are questionable.

Lets face it-when it comes to cosmetic surgery advertising/marketing a lot of the images are too good to be true.

Indeed, frankly, there is little to choose between one clinic and another.

They all claim to have have the best surgeons, best equipment, and often endorsed by a string of celebrities. Then we have another layer which is the market we work in (cosmetic surgery abroad).

Here there there are virtually no “celeb” endorsement as “they” the “celeb’s” will always opt for Harley Street or similar.

Unfortunately Here in our market sector (abroad) there are very few actual images of patients (before and after).

Instead there are lots of what are known as stock images- bought off the shelf.

These can depict or give the mistaken impression of either a typical patient, or a what appears a member of nursing staff.

Why are there so few images in the media of actual patients who went abroad for cosmetic surgery.

Answer: by nature, those who opted to go abroad wished to remain anonymous. Specifically seeking discretion and privacy.

Bluntly, they do not specifically wish to be seen in any media outlets. To do som would bring their surgery to the attention of friends and relatives-the opposite of what they hoped to avould.

Secondly, generally media are not interested in showing good before and after images, of anyone who didn’t have their cosmetic surgery in UK. It don’t sell newspapers.

Media bias when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery performed in the U.K. as opposed to going abroad.

IN FACT- The only times UK media shows an interest in cosmetic surgery performed outside of the UK is- if “allegedly” the procedure had gone wrong!

Moreover using a journalist to report that has an understanding in cosmetic surgery, of a five year old.

Conveniently ignoring the facts such as:  the patients discharged themselves a day earlier to save costs of the hotel.  Followed zero post op instructions.

-I could write a book on the sheer arrogant and child-like ignorant attitudes, of some our UK patients. UK media would  then, of course, gleefully crawling all over it!

We are somewhat different, in as much as -we are happy to show images of either Libby or those who chose to allowed us to publish theirs.

Uniquely we possess solely and only actual genuine patient photos.

Moreover we go one step further by showing images of the actual owner of the companies before and after cosmetic surgery.

Below we have two real images and not a youngster its Libby.

Are Cosmetic surgery Images real Are Cosmetic surgery Images real

Are Cosmetics surgery images real

The reality is that nowadays enhanced images appear in many marketing adverts.

A perfect “blemish” free team all young (no oldies) who work in an atmosphere of constant smiles, success, and achievements.

Working on the question- Are cosmetic surgery images real.

Why not be honest and show real images.?

We don’t use or agree with using any standard easy to purchase ready made stock images.

These are to put it politely misleadingly.

Always showing flawless young models with a Hollywood smile to match!

In our opinion these types of images insult the intelligence of our typical enquirer.  They by definition in seeking cosmetic surgery– needs a bit of help-with their appearance.

We as a strict policy only use/have genuine real patient images.

Some taken only days after surgery showing exactly how it  is-bruising, scars, etc. Clinical archives, no make-overs-no “stock” images, enhancements or bias towards any age group.

We believe in showing “real images” of ”real people”

Ours  in fact were never designed for marketing and are without any kind of enhancement such as make-overs or airbrushing etc.

Most of our images are either taken from clinical archives or snapshot photo’s sent impromptu by our ex patients as a courtesy.

They freely wished to contribute these images in showing us how they are progressing/healing after returning home.

Obviously expensive makeovers

Combined with the use of well-known personalities in cosmetic surgery adverts is seen by many as superior to our untouched images.

Rather sad really but that’s the age we live in. Critics say ours look amateurish. Well yes… actually they are- and we are proud of it.!

Ours often show patients 3 days post op with bandages and bruising –sorry but that’s how in reality it is.

cosmetic surgery is not for you?

If you can’t face up to “how it is” 3 days post op- then perhaps NOT.

A true image of a company is showing genuine images of its product/s and or pictures in the workplace, and the manufacturing of the actual product.

This reflects the genuine soul of the company.

Our Guaranteed commitment.

We absolutely can say we always use only genuine “warts and all” images.

In fact we would prefer no images at all on our site instead of unreal ones.

Having gained a vast amount of  first hand knowledge over the years I am more than happy to pass on the benefits of my experiences.

Miracle lunch time surgeries.

Talk about being conned. Looking back its amazing to recall the number of media “hyped up ” so- called  miracle procedures which came and went.

Sadly sold rather like snake oil pedlars.

I am pleased to say our clinic rather sensibly avoided all this hyped up stuff. As for me I am renown for professionalism, integrity, candid advice and recommendations.


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