Cosmetic surgery story

This page is a historic page based on 22 years experience in taking patients to Prague.

Our management team are now retired and no longer offer the service commercially. But are happy to offer free advice. 

Extract of what we once offered.

Europa International Coordinators providing an individual “one-on-one” experience.

We appreciate for many visiting another country (never mind the surgery itself) can be quite a daunting prospect. We begin with airport meet and then escorted you to our 4 star hotel or apartment.

Collected and taken to the clinic and introduced to the team: surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses etc. We remain with you during the consultation and finally leave only once you are happy and comfortable with everything. Post-op we visit daily  and return you to our hotel or apartment.We are in attendance for all follow up visits, and generally are available. Finally we return you to the airport.

Cosmetic surgery advice information helping you decide.

No compromises only top quality plastic surgery in Prague. Or indeed anywhere-else! We consider our experience in the field of cosmetic surgery coordinators/lay- advisers to be at very high level.

WHY? In the Czech Republic it was us who devised and created the concept in the first place. It was our idea we “risked our money” and went into the unknown.

Although many have tried to copy and plagiarise our site; nobody can surpass this simple fact. Indeed anyone else you find on the internet offering similar service,s simply  thought- “this looks a good idea we will do it too”.

However, thus far, no competitor has personally undergone virtually every cosmetic procedure themselves?

Moreover, even if they had, are they confident enough to show their before and  after photographs?

Plastic surgery advice information and making the right decision.

We are the only company where the actual owner of the firm meets and greets you upon arrival at Prague airport.

EUROPA personally cares for the patient during every step of the way. Indeed right up until you board the aircraft to return home.

Why do we claim to be the first choice?

Pause for a moment and ask yourself why do WE have 100s more verifiable testimonials than others. Check out our testimonials we earned them.

Europa International plastic surgery in Prague help allay and calm the pre op anxieties, fears, excitement, post op blues, and post op anxieties as well as post-op elation.

Our high level of knowledge

This is not borne out of anything special-“rocket scientific”, but a simple old fashioned work ethic! We personally spend time with our clients.

Europa International prides itself on using only the highest quality clinics, with some of the most modern equipment available.

Highly trained surgeons, excellent accommodation, good personal service and attention to detail.

plastic surgery advice information vital to take on board before you leap!

Europa International cares about all our clients and have been doing so successfully since 1996

that’s why we have survived the inevitable competition to remain the choice of those discerning clients who want the best possible experience.

But at the same time appreciate our high level of service as described above. We just cannot  and do not deliver at rock bottom prices.

“We know exactly what to expect. We have seen so many Post-op bruises, swollen faces and tummies. Often one side healing quicker than the other. I am from experience able to reassure what’s Ok and what isn’t.

My long and deep involvement has given me the ability to accurately judge beforehand what the aesthetic improvements are likely to be.”  – Libby Babbage

In the words of co-founder John Babbage: ” The Europa concept was borne from an idea I had with my wife Libby and our connections with the Czech Republic. Libby was born in Czechoslovakia as it was then, and I in the U.K.

We were actually married in Prague on February 28th 1970. Since then we have travelled between the two countries many hundreds of times. I am able to speak Czech and understand the culture and mentality of the people.”

Conversely Libby can claim the same in reverse:

” Cosmetic surgery in Prague was a new idea!When we first formed Europa back in 1996 we were entering totally uncharted waters.

This was totally mine and Libby’s idea, and in those days mainly due to stigmas from the communist era nobody in their wildest imagination,would consider going to Prague for cosmetic surgery.

My first thought was for us to provide a completely professional service.

Making it my mission to learn as much as I could about plastic surgery. I was lucky enough to find a book entitled “Atlas of Plastic Surgery” which was written by the “Father” of Plastic Surgery- the Czech “František Burian”.

plastic surgery advice information- working our way through it and reassuring you we -hope.

Plastic surgery information Libby can tell you more: “I waded through Burians 3 massive volumes eagerly devouring as much information as I could.

At that time Burian and Czech plastic/cosmetic surgery were nowhere to be found anywhere on the web.

Today his name and Czech cosmetic surgery often appears on the web – I like to think we played a part here!

Over the years I have witnessed every conceivable  procedure out there. The pre-op nerves, to the final outcome.

Take for example facelifts.

I can say with certainty an oval shaped face pulls up better than a round face.

Loose thin skin pulls up better than oily skin.

Or if a person does not have a loose neck area, then the improvements will not be so dramatic.

With tummy’s, I can usually tell if liposuction will suffice or they need a tummy tuck, or both.

Our surgeon recently stated that I am probably one of the most knowledgeable lay- medical/cosmetic surgery advisor’s to be found anywhere.

Not an ego trip here.

I mention all of the above not to in anyway boost my personal ego. But to assure you with Europa-International you are in the hands of professionals.

If you care to visit us in Luton we can genuinely give you an accurate appraisal. Explaining what can or cannot be achieved. Very useful before you even meet our consultant in Prague.

My advice coupled with my Libby´s first-hand experience, having “walked the walk” on several occasions- and we promise to tell you the truth!

am not of course at any stage, suggesting a formal consultation with the surgeon is not required-it is!!

You can also be assured, that with our surgeons in Prague, you are in the safe hands of experts and leaders in their fields.

Today, Prague is synonymous with cosmetic surgery, in no small part I would have to say, thanks to the efforts of Europa-International.”

So if you are interested in undergoing plastic surgery in Prague  our advice and information will help-we hope!

This page is an info resource only. As John and Libby have now retired. You can of course still call or email us for advice.


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