Plastic surgery Prague

Plastic surgery prague

Plastic Surgery Prague is what we do and have done so since 1996. Here is a link to our full website: 

Before we explore cosmetic/plastic surgery in Prague let’s take a look at some benefits in detail. let’s compare UK and Prague cosmetic surgery experience in brief.

Cosmetic surgery experience comparison

Question UK Prague
Can I be sure my surgeon is qualified? NO. It is unregulated. YES. It is a legal requirement.
How does in-patient care compare? Usually 1 overnight stay. 2 nights minimum.
How does post-op follow-up compare? 2-3 visits including suture removal. Every second day.
Will I see the surgeon who performed the procedure? Perhaps. YES. Our surgeons are residents, not part-time.

Surprisingly to some the home of modern cosmetic surgery is actually Prague

The Czech Republic is the home of modern cosmetic surgery.

This is where we have, and always will take you- and nowhere else. This has been the case since day 0ne- in 1996.

Reassuringly, for you our valuable clients ( unlike the UK),  in the Czech Republic, only a qualified Plastic surgeon is allowed to perform either plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Indeed if they did, it could result in an arrest and possible prison sentence.

It’s confined exclusively to trained and licensed specialist plastic/cosmetic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery In Prague delivers unrivalled Cosmetic Surgeon Training Levels.

It’s 7 years to become a Doctor and at least another 5 years in a specialist discipline.

The level of training required for nursing staff is “graduate specialist”-trained for at least 6 years.

Conversely in Britain and some other EU countries, so-called cosmetic surgeons don’t have to be qualified in cosmetic/plastic surgery at all.

This a situation that concerns many people considering cosmetic surgery in the U.K

“There are organisations in the UK like BAAPS  where people can search for a registered practitioner or surgeon.

What about some of our clinic’s results?  Amazingly below is the same lady pre and post-op eye bag surgery!

Plastic surgery Prague Plastic surgery Prague

Below is another equally impressive result.

plastic surgery prague plastic surgery prague

Cosmetic surgery was pioneered in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)

In addition to the Czechs being amongst the earliest European pioneers in cosmetic/plastic surgery.

A certain Czech –Professor ‘Frantisek Burian’ performed what was believed to be the very first modern plastic surgery operations in 1912.

Burian’s books are available in English and can be ordered from your local library via the British Library Museum.
Author: F.Burian Title: Atlas of Plastic Surgery. Publisher: Butterworth 1967.

Czech surgeons over the years have developed many of the World’s most effective cosmetic surgery techniques.  Therefore we know 100% you are in the very best hands.

Plastic surgery Prague

Our clinic entertains a wide cross section of clientele

including European Government ministers and their families, industrialists, artists, actors, musicians and members of the media.

Recently they have accepted many overseas patients for cosmetic procedures from across Europe and North America.

As well a cosmetic procedures our clinic conducts all forms of reconstructive surgery.

Often involving either accident victims or those born with disfiguring genetic diseases.

In short they are-the best of the best.


Plastic surgery Prague

Our surgeons are dedicated professionals who have made the creation or recreation of beauty their life mission.

Their facilities are also amongst the most up-to-date you will find anywhere.

Boasting the highest levels of expertise and exceptional technical equipment. e.g. they use (every time) fully disposable “Johnson & Johnson” surgical gowns and other disposable products.

They carry out regular and thorough risk assessments. Hygiene is a passion. As is the use of the lowest-risk low-invasive techniques and the latest practice.

In addition, our surgery operating theatres are equipped with highly sophisticated air purification systems. Thus constantly ensuring a pure bacteria-free environment.

Naturally, prior to surgery, a full medical examination is carried out which includes E.C.G. (heart) as well as liver function tests.

Patient visitors to our clinic are subjected to stringent hygiene protection measures.

Before visiting a patient they are required to wear an overall protective gown, as well as special shoes (clogs)

What cosmetic surgery procedures are on offer?

Facelift and eye surgery. Brow and neck lifts. Ear pinning (Otoplasty) Nose- Job (Rhinoplasty)  Brest implants, Breast uplift, Breast reduction. Scarless Breast uplift – Aptos Threads. Liposuction (Vaser) Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) Arm lift  (Brachioplasty)  and anything else that is generally available in the sphere of cosmetic/Plastic surgery.

The beautiful new you is a just a click away

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