Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Guide

Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Guide covering the Pro’s and con’s.

The mirror don’t lie none of us can escape the ageing process-right? But what to do about it-if anything!

When considering a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure

Pro’s and con’s

What are the main concerns for many of us?

Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Guide

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Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Guide

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“Botched” a dreadful word bandied around by the media. Strange, but it usually only applies to surgery done abroad. UK surgeons don’t produce “botch” instead any complications performed by a UK surgeon are often described as a complication!

In reality there are very few badly performed facelift surgeries. I personally have never seen such an outcome. The only occasion we see anything approaching  when the media has a pop at say Mrs Stallone or another for their somewhat unusual appearances.

Good facelifts are amongst us- every day of the week but go unnoticed. Why? Because they have been performed properly.

This means not pulling the skin too tight and allowing some slack in case any revision or correction is needed. No surgeon ever takes a facelift within a millimetre of being so tight you can’t move your face. There were rumour about these type of  lifts 20 years ago..Barbie Doll etc. but I am not sure if any were ever performed. Pulling too tight can cause nerve damage.

So I would say don’t be swayed by media hype. Ask yourself do you know anyone who had a bad facelift.. Have you ever seen one? The chances are the answer is no, so try to take the fixation out of your mind. People often say to me “i have seen and heard all about these overdone facelifts” chances are they just want to scare themselves.

On the other hand what should be considered is the fact there are inherent risks in any form of surgery cosmetic or otherwise. Risks which should be pointed out beforehand. From this information a patient can decide whether to proceed or not.

Reassuringly most post-op complications are correctable. They merely cause more work for the surgeon.

Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Guide continued:


Pro's and con's of cosmetic surgery

Our MD Libby pre facelift

Pro's and con's of cosmetic surgery

Our MD Libby post facelift

Even in the most super sterile environments an infection can just occur.

However if the patients is still under the watchful eye of their actual surgeon and any setbacks are dealt with there and then.
However these days we notice patients coming to Prague push to return home frankly ridiculously soon.
A combination of watching too much reality T.V. Where zero recovery times is a myth peddled.

Low Budget surgery risks.

Patients having limited budgets due to the recession etc- very dangerous! We as a company would sooner lose the patients to a competitors, than compromise on safety.
Persistent swelling which can last up to 3 months or even more.
Returning home with any of the above unchecked can of course mean a trip  to a local hospital. But not to correct a “botch” up, but more often than not to deal a situation created by  the foolishness of the patient in coming home too early.
In recent times we have noticed that cosmetic surgery enquirers are more assertive about what they want. and expect the surgeon to simply go along with it. Pushy, aggressive, and an attitude of “I want” and I will decide when to discharge myself.
For a good outcome after a tummy tuck its recommended by plastic surgeons 10 days of complete rest. Failure to adhere can have serious consequences. Not to mention surgical drains remain for at least two nights. We have enquiries from people who think they can return home within 24 hours after a tummy tuck. Basically if that’s what they want then we won’t take them!
Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Guide devised to provide sound advice to those considering a procedure or two.
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