Combine your plastic surgery with a luxury 5-star holiday

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery vacations delivered to ou by the renowned Europa International est. 1996
A 5-star Exclusive Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery Vacation

Below are images of Libby when age 63 ….Yes, they are real- and no interference!

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery

The same person before and After a facelift

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery Vacations.

Ready to undergo a facelift at our Prague clinic?

About your stay.

Unexpectedly your visit starts with the holiday/vacation aspect of it. We explain why further down the page.

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery where does it begin? When our guests arrive at the world-famous hotel Pupp on Karlovy Vary They’re met with total discretion and a private hideaway. “Pupp” boasts three centuries of proud history, distinguished guests, and world-class service making it unique even on a global scale.

A dedicated and personal driver will be on-call and at your service, to take care of you and show you around the city.

Your comfortable accommodation includes gastronomic experience in various restaurants and bars. There is also a wellness centre with a pool and sauna.

About your Prague Luxury Cosmetic surgery break.

An estimated 14 million people every year travel to another country to undergo cosmetic surgery or a plastic surgery intervention.

These days it’s very commonplace for people to combine their cosmetic surgery with a vacation.

What are the most popular procedures?

By a long way, Facelift and eyes, Tummy Tuck, liposuction. We see a sharp increase also in dental procedures and obesity surgery

Why go abroad? Well for a start:-Privacy and away from prying eyes.

Healing without having to divert awkward questions.

Many people who head abroad also are actually hiding from their GP.  Why, because they know he/she would probably disapprove and chastise them.

Of course, it’s not for everyone. There are many people out there who simply can’t allow themselves to fully trust a foreign doctor.

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery.

This high-quality cosmetic surgery and vacation combined. Is in part attributable to Europa International who actually in the first place -pioneered the concept. Moreover so confident are we about our clinic’s excellence our owner ‘Libby’ had her own cosmetic surgery procedures there too.

Recently we took the decision to shake things up somewhat and reinvent the traditional concept of cosmetic surgery breaks abroad. Instead of being an emotionally tedious and physically challenging experience, we want to make it one to one that is actually verging on enjoyable and hopefully a bit more relaxing before undergoing your cosmetic surgery procedure.

The level of service here is 100% five stars +designed for the more discerning clientele.

Definition of a Spa town.

Now we know the term ‘spa’ is often glibly used in the UK to create a false impression of therapeutic benefits. In many cases its no more than a beauty salon, or a slimming health club.

Conversely in Europe, any locations which use the word “Spa” has to be located in a place where there are genuine therapeutic waters.

Delivered by the renown Prague Cosmetic surgery providers Europa international (est.1996) who, reassuringly boast an unrivalled safety record of- not one single complication.

Prague is today synonymous with good cosmetic surgery. In the case of Karlovy Vary, we wouldn’t be exaggerating to describe it as the ultimate spa town.

Offering therapeutic waters from thermal springs and mud baths to promote self-healing.

The exotic place is known to have cured several diseases afflicting people and is a sanctuary for well-being.

We have chosen Karlovy Vary as we want only the very best for our clients, and this place IS- the best!

Instead of just doing what we did so well in the past-e.g. making sure everything runs smoothly, we decided to upgrade by combing the experience with an invigorating luxury holiday too.

There are now two-part phases to your cosmetic surgery journey to Prague.

#1. First and “pre-operation” we take you to the world-famous historic Czech Health spa town of Karlovy Vary.

You may well be thinking who did not visit the spa to recuperate AFTER your surgery?….. and not before?

Pre-surgery a getaway

Set in a beautiful landscape location where you can relax in the serenity of your personal apartment. Recover to your optimum and avoid the risk of any wear and tear to your body. Ones that you would otherwise suffer from in your are in your home country namely UK. Leave those domestic worries aside and spend quality time with yourself, giving your body much-deserved rest.

Patients and cosmetic surgeons most often neglect the fact that they may require a local surgeon’s attention in case of any complexities post-surgery, which is why we make sure your apartment in Prague is near in proximity to 3 of our local plastic surgeons at the clinic will be at your service literally whenever you need them.

Want to keep your surgery a secret? We respect your privacy and understand concerns and pressure regarding society and family hence making the city of Prague a perfect escape, where you can wander around the stunning city like a carefree visitor until you fully recover and are ready to flaunt your new self to friends & family.

We have broken the trip into two parts. 1) Pre-operation break. 2) Surgery and aftercare.

Phase One 

Day 1. Arrive at Prague airport. Your luxury Limousine awaits to whisk you off to a 5-star hotel in central Prague.

Day 2. Prague. Simply relax and explore the city.

Day 3. We depart from Prague by limousine again, to the historic spa town of Karlovy Vary. Steeped in history and proven popular among numerous famous visitors such as: Kings, Queens, Actors, scholars, academics, and numerous heads of government.

Listed here are a few of the many distinguished visitors- aka Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, Mozart, Emperor of Austria, Robert de Niro, Jude Law, Antonio Banderas, Renee Zellweger, Kirk Douglas, and YES…Adolf Hitler!

Definition of a Spa town.

Now we know the term ‘spa’ is often glibly used in the UK to create a false impression of therapeutic benefits. In many cases, it’s no more than a beauty salon or a slimming health club.

Conversely in Europe, any locations which use the word “Spa” has to be located in a place where genuine therapeutic waters exist. In the case of Karlovy Vary, we wouldn’t be exaggerating to describe it as the ultimate spa town. Offering therapeutic waters from thermal springs, and mud baths to promote self-healing.

The exotic place is known to have cured several diseases afflicting people and is a sanctuary for well-being. We have chosen Karlovy Vary as we want for you only the very best. And this place IS- the best!

How long should I stay at the Spa? Obviously that’s your decision but ideally- one week. Either Libby or husband John will be with you. There is no clear defined programme-we are not travel agents. You decide exactly what you want. may ask?

I am puzzled why the luxury pampering break occurs before my surgery. Surely, and logically, it should come after surgery as part on the healing process. Well, actually that’s a no-go! This is where our experience of more than 20 years comes in handy. Here is why:

  1. You need to be in close proximity to the Prague clinic for regular follow-ups. Or in case of any sudden concerns, you might have.
  2. In many cases, you have a drip attached for 2-3 days.
  3. Apart from very minor surgery procedures, you have to remain still and motionless, as much as possible. No exercise or vigorous movement. This includes activities such as swimming, professional massages, running, or even extensive walking. In particular cases of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) it’s recommended you should remain to lie flat and still as much as possible. Otherwise, there can be serious damage done. Definitely no walking other than to the bath or WC.  We find it quite flabbergasting that some competitors sell the package of combining surgery and a safari!! Great, if you want to possibly end up in a local hospital ICU. Imagine bouncing around in a Land Rover on safari chasing wild animals and all the sutures bursting open.
  4. So basically you would not be able to enjoy 99% of the spa visit. As well as having some anxiety about being some distance away from your plastic surgeon.
  5. In conclusion, it’s basically a non-starter. Moreover, your surgeon would not allow us to recommend it. Remember after all it is his reputation on the line.

Phase 2.

Return to Prague 5-star hotel by limousine.  Chill out and try to have a good night’s sleep. After midnight nil-by-mouth due to early morning pre-op tests. Around 7.30- walk across the road to our clinic. First will be blood tests dispatched to a lab with results by 11 am. Tests include ECG heart, lungs, and liver.

Overage 60 they may require an x-ray. Finally a general chat with the doctor (not your plastic surgeon) about any medical history. Next is a consultation with the surgeon. Here everything is discussed regarding what you hope to achieve and whether or not he/she can deliver it. The consultant ends only once everything is understood and agreed upon.

Now you are allowed a small glass of water. Next, you will see the anaesthetist who will explain what will be happening. Including reassuringly you, that tethering of your wrist is standard practice in surgery throughout the world.

The reason for this is under anaesthetic patients have been known to involuntary wave their arms about.

Not good if he is doing delicate and intricate work with the scalpel.

We shall not cover the actual ins and outs of the surgery. There are numerous publications on this, so we suggest refer to them

Post-operation (we assure you the nurses are brilliant) you will be taken care of and usually remain at the clinic for 1-2 nights. There is a TV, Wi-Fi and lots of reading material. We shall, of course, visit you regularly.

You will naturally be required to attend post-op follow-ups with your actual surgeon.

Leisure time-

How much you can do in terms of various activities depends on how long you wish to stay. Individual programmes can be arranged. This will be open to discussion.

Here is a small selection of the many patients we have looked after since 1996. We have many more!

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery

Here we cover one particular procedure facelift surgery. For other procedures just ask.

Young at heart but your face is beginning to tells a different story?

Czech luxury Cosmetic SurgeryIs a common problem that even A-list celebs suffer from. Don’t we all love that feeling of being uplifted and energised from within when almost anything in the world can be conquered? Yes, those were the days.

With age comes wisdom and the ability to deal with life more tactically and eventually making better choices. Hence it’s not uncommon to see many mature men and women quite satisfied and successful in their 40,s 50’s and 60’s.

But then that one look in the mirror, peeking at those deep-set lines mapping the face those dominating saggy contours and fine lines overpowering your once beautiful face has no right to be there- ruining your once-oh-so-perfect looks.

We have all heard others say we should grow old gracefully. Yeah right…BUT!!

Facelift surgery. Performing well can externally turn back the age clock and indeed, knock off those years.

A good facelift is one where on glancing in the mirror you observe a renewed indefinable glow but nothing dramatic.

Subtle to the point, your friends & family will be wondering why you are looking so rejuvenated fresher, and healthier–that’s what you’re aiming for right?

Types of facelift surgery

From our considerable experience, a conventional facelift (SMAS) is the only lift worth bothering with. It involves deeper burrowing and takes approximately 3 hours to complete, should last you a whopping 5-10 years.

Of course depending very much on individually varying factors such as previous lifestyle, age of your skin and so on.

A word of caution though don’t compromise with superficial facelifts or gimmicky lunchtime stuff- none of them works.

At the same time, our surgeons can without creating any further incisions target the upper chest area “Decolletage” during a full facelift designed to make sure it doesn’t give away the youthful results you have achieved on your face. It only makes sense to combine the two in our opinion.

It’s time to dig out those deep-neck dresses that have been collecting dust in your wardrobe ladies. Opt for that full-face lift that will allow you to act the age you actually feel.

Prague Luxury Cosmetic Surgery is quite impressive but you be the judge!

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