Are you for Cosmetic surgery | Or letting nature take its course?

Cosmetic surgery or growing old gracefully. Firstly we must recognize that growing older happens to us all and is not a crime!

Searching for eternal youth will ultimately fail and is a futile exercise.

The 50-year-old trying to look 20. Cosmetic surgery or growing old gracefully what do you prefer?

We are the age we are and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. In the cold light of day, frankly, these people look ridiculous.

They are mainly but certainly not exclusively female. Conversely, doesn’t the 50-year-old who dresses smart but appropriately get real admiring glances -rather than the suppressed smirk?

We see it as looking the very best you can for your age! There are areas that we ourselves can work on to stay looking good, and healthy. Exercise and a balanced diet will certainly help. Is cosmetic surgery cheating?

Cosmetic surgery versus | accepting our old age

We don’t subscribe to the idea of accepting what you have and living with it. We believe that nature sometimes needs a bit of a helping hand. We consider a cosmetic surgery procedure will not only enhance your appearance but go a long way towards that goal of making you look the best you can.

You can find many advertisements for cosmetic surgery all featuring skimpy models with perfect skin tones, fabulous figures, gleaming white teeth, photos of well-known personalities and so on.

Is this the real world? How many people do you actually know that looks like a model?

In actual fact, if you saw many of the famous models outside of a studio with no make-up on you would be shocked that without their air-brushed photos they would look like the rest of us. Ordinary!

This is why we never doctor our photos. They are of genuine people who in some cases have just had surgery or have little or no makeup on.  We want our real photos of real people to represent the ethos of our highly trained and skilful surgical team.  They will be honest and realistic about what is possible not to promise you the earth only to leave you disappointed.

However, they can help you towards getting those admiring glances. When people say someone looks ‘great for their age’ it’s a massive compliment.

Below is an image of a typical stereotypical elderly lady who looks as if she would not hesitate to give you the “handbag” treatment if you stepped out of line.

Cosmetic surgery or growing old gracefully

Typical Elderly Lady

Here below we have our “Libby” who is approximately the same age. But had a little help from our surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery or growing old gracefully

Our Libby Post-Surgery

Cosmetic surgery or growing old gracefully

Libby (Pre surgery)

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