Young at heart but! is a facelift rhytidectomy the answer!

Facelift Rhytidectomy surgery.

It’s a common problem that even A-list celebs suffer from. Don’t we all love that feeling of being uplifted and energised from within when almost anything in the world can be conquered? 

With age comes wisdom and the ability to deal with life more tactically and eventually making the right choices.

Hence it’s not uncommon for us to see so many mature men and women apparently quite satisfied and contented looking in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

In contrast for most of us that one look in the mirror, peeking at those deep set lines mapping the face, those dominating saggy contours and fine lines overpowering your beautiful face, has no right to dampen your young spirit!

facelift rhytidectomy

Libby pre facelift


Our expert and qualified surgeons at Europa International suggest a full Facelift rhytidectomy in this instance.

You might think to yourself- “it’s just that specific area of the cheek or chin you want ‘treated’ and if it wasn’t for that minor inconvenience-I look fine.”


facelift rhytidectomy

Libby post facelift

However facelift rhytidectomy cosmetic surgery does not work like that.

If you went about it in this manner, opting a bit here, and there, now and again, your face would be riddled with scars.

One proper full facelift will remove all the excess skin thus creating a firm chiselled look you once enjoyed.



The only visible one is sited just in the front of the ear and usually within 10 days it has nicely faded and is barely visible. For those somewhat sceptical concerning scarring levels and rate of healing, Europa are shortly to take the unprecedented step of showing close-up exactly what to expect 3-4 years on from the surgery.

Albeit known to turn back the age clock, you should have genuine and achievable expectations from a Facelift. Yes it will indeed ‘knock off’ a few years, but in an aesthetically subtle manner.

You’ll notice the difference on glancing in the mirror and so will your friends & family, but we want them to wonder why you are glowing from within and looking fresher and healthier than usual – as that’s what you’re aiming for right?

Rest assured, the expenditure and sacrifice won’t be in vain. Results can last anything between  5-10 years. This of course depends on specific individually varying factors such as lifestyle, age and skin texture.

A word of caution though, don’t compromise with superficial gimmicky Facial treatments-you will be disappointed. 

Our clever surgeons can without creating any further incisions, target the upper chest (decollage) area at the same time during a full face lift. Very beneficial to make sure it doesn’t highlight and give away the youthful results you have achieved to your face.

It’s a technique exclusively adopted by our surgeon and it only makes sense in our opinion to combine the two.

Yep, It’s time to dig out those low neck dresses that have been collecting dust in your wardrobe ladies! Opting for a full face lift that will allow you to act the age you really and actually feel.