Upper and Lower Eyes Testimonial – Mrs Alexander

Mrs. Alexander’s thank you letter Age 36
Procedure(s) Upper and Lower eyes (Blepharoplasty)
Town Guernsey (Channel Isles)

“I was so happy with the work that I returned to Prague”

Dear Libby and John,

I want to thank you both so much for providing the excellent service that you do. It has been almost one year since my first cosmetic surgery procedure with Europa, and I plan on returning again in the near future for further procedures.

Initially, I was extremely worried about having upper and lower eyelid surgery – I was extremely concerned about the results – how I would look and the scarring. Nine months has passed, and now when I tell people the ages of my children they always seem naturally shocked. There is no question that years have simply melted off my face. I look wonderful and feel absolutely confident now about my appearance. I no longer escape from having my picture taken, but actually enjoy posing for the camera now and look forward to seeing my pictures! The best part of the surgery is that most people don’t know that anything has been done; they simply think I look wonderful and well-rested. No more comments about me looking tired, even when I truly am!

I was so happy with the work that I returned to Prague for further dental work and hernia surgery, the latter of which I wanted performed in a cosmetically sensitive way. I can honestly say that the work done through Europa is top-notch. As for my hernia scar – the surgeon has done wonders in repairing my stomach muscles leaving minimal scarring, which would not have been done had I seen a top surgeon in London. In respect of the dentistry, it is the first time I have had implant and crown work done without any residual pain or aggravation in my mouth. My dentist was also extremely impressed with the work. I am thoroughly pleased and owe all of you a huge ‘thank-you’.

As you are aware, my friends and family have since come to you for cosmetic procedures, as they have been so impressed by my results.

In terms of your highly personalised service, John’s wonderful care in driving to and from the hospital, arranging all necessary visits and appointments, your intricate knowledge and your own solid relationship with the doctors in Prague, I can’t imagine why anyone would go elsewhere. The flats are perfect, with self-catering facilities and all the privacy and support one needs when embarking upon surgery abroad. Not to mention the wonderful sight-seeing opportunities in the beautiful city of Prague.

Thank you both for your excellent and thoughtful service. You will be seeing me again soon.

Mrs. Alexander (Channel Islands)