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eye bags surgery


Georgina from Prague
eye bags surgery

upper eye surgery pre op

eye bags surgery

Upper eyes surgery post op

These days its often perceive that  eye bags surgery are a kind of common imperfection of the face. 

It’s inevitable that bags makes one look older, more tired, and unhappy with life- generally.

But not enough sleep, unhealthy diet, smoking, allergies, or fatigue, are not the only primary reasons responsible for them.

Sometimes eye bags     (hereditary factors) can also make them present even in younger people. But these unsightly effects are more exaggerated in older people.

Years of exposure to the sun and thinning skin around the eyes(due to ageing) all contribute.

Over the years fat deposits accumulate and fluid builds up and is retained.

Eye bags can be effectively corrected via eye bags surgery which removes excess skin, fat, and muscle from that particular area. Thus eliminating sagginess, droopiness, and the bulge which  we call the’eye bags’.

Here we have 62 year Georgina who for many years, suffered with teary and tired looking eyes. She said that no amount of eye creams solutions, or expensive designer lotions helped at all.

The end result of her eye bags surgery has totally eliminated the unsightly strip of fat from underneath her eyes. Her Eye Bag removal surgery has made her look and feel 10 years younger.

Moreover it inspired her to go for a brand new hairstyle to compliment the effect.

Tips on postponing the onset of eyebags and the need for eye bags surgery.

Eating fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, drinking enough water throughout the day, getting your much deserved and a minimum of 7 hours of sleep everyday. Also it helps to keep salt content in the food you eat as low as possible.

keeping yourself emotional balanced, can help reduce the very obvious effects of eye bags. Following these tips if you are still a youngish person could prevent them from developing in the first place.

Eye bags surgery is a relatively simple and straight forward procedure in the hands of an experiended eye bags surgery specialist.