Tummy tuck testimonial – Julie

Julie ‘s thank you letter Age 46
Tummy Tuck
Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire

Julie has requested we do not use her surname, as nobody outside the family she knew of her surgery.

Hi Libby and John

I hope you are OK.

Thank you both for all you did for me when I  came for my tummy tuck recently. From the very minute we arrived in Prague you took care of us all brilliantly, and I really appreciated it. Your apartment, the hospital were  spotless, and the care  received from the doctor and  all the nurses was brilliant.

I am delighted with the surgery. also amazingly I never experienced any real pain, although it was at time uncomfortable which was only to be expected. I was however  still able to carry on doing most of the normal things, and got once into Prague city centre. The practise nurse at my GP’s removed my stitches, and everything was in order.

My Steve is still interested in having his teeth fixed.

Hope to hear from you when you get a minute.



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