Rhinoplasty The dilemmas of what is an ‘ideal’ nose


How often do you look at a person’s nose instead of their eyes whilst having a conversation with them? It it’s the former, and if you personally are unhappy with your nose shape and size, Rhinoplasty can be the answer at rectifying both quite naturally.

Technically speaking the nose is the guardian of your lungs filtering the air that passes through it.

However it has always been known more for its superficial aspect compared to biological ones. In some cultures they believe that nose shapes reveal a person’s characteristics and personality!

A popular one is the belief that those with a blunt shaped nose is shifty, irresponsible and cannot be trusted. Of course these beliefs are a mix of legend  and myths. Nevertheless we cannot ignore the fact the nose is one of the most prominent and visible parts of the face .

Septo rhinoplasty - Chris

Septo rhinoplasty – Chris

Bent magazine - (December 2006) - Nose job in Prague

Bent magazine – (December 2006) – Nose job in Prague

Rhinoplasty-What is an‘ideal’ nose then?

We found it greatly varies depending on what gender you belong to. What’s considered attractive in women is not necessarily the case when it comes to men. Women generally prefer a cute button noses, usually short in length and with a slender bridge – the sharper, the better.

Whereas in the case of men the standards its preferred to be extremely well defined, longish and angular are perceived to be most attractive.

Regardless of how beautiful all of us are, it is impossible for most of us to possess a nose that will live up to our expectations of- ideal!

Based on genetics and ethnicity, it varies drastically. However it can be ‘perfected’ quite easily with rhinoplasty or the so called ‘nose job’, which under a general anaesthetic is a virtually pain-free 1 hour 30 minute procedure.

Rhinoplasty our experience in this area.

In our experience of dealing with clients and based on direct contact with cosmetic surgeons, we have gauged that an attractive nose is one which is not beautiful per- se. But instead, one that is not distracting or the centre of attention whilst having a conversation with someone.

Bluntly put, it should not overshadow your other beautiful features. Hence when designing your ‘new’ nose during Rhinoplasty, our experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeons in Prague, make sure it will compliment your other features and flatter or rather ‘harmonise’ your other facial features.

So whether you want to narrow a flared nose, correct a bump, sharpen the tip, we are here for you.