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Which surgeon we offer depends very much on you the patient. Some prefer a female surgeon and others a male.  Some have a preference for a younger surgeon whilst others may prefer a more mature type. However this is our primary surgeon.

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plastic surgeon

Dr. Vysek

MUDr. Vlastimil Vyšek, CSc., M.D., PhD

Head Physician of Plastic Surgery

International Experience:

Secondary to qualifications, comes experience and hands on training.  Since 1988 Dr Vysek has taken upon himself to achieve exceptional international training & residences throughout the modern world, these including:-

* UK (London)
* USA (New York, San Francisco, San Diego)
* Russia (Petersburg)
* Austria (Vienna)
* Netherlands (Rotterdam, Valkenburg)

…. which ensure up-to-date knowledge & quality, within the specialised field of cosmetic surgery.

Certificate in 1979 at the School of Hygienic Medicine of Charles University.

Assistant work for the next three years at the surgery clinic of teaching-University Hospital of Kralovske Vinohrady.

1983-1991 working at the same hospital as a lecturer (Assistant-Specialist) at the plastic surgery clinic.

Defended his candidate thesis in 1987 and received the scientific degree of Candidate of Medical Science (CSc).

In 1988, was the first plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic to carry out liposuction procedures.

Dr Vyšek was also one of the first to use tissue expanders for reconstructional surgery.

1991-1995 – Head Physician of the Surgery Department at the General Hospital in Prague, and Consultant of Plastic Surgery within the hospital.


  • First Degree in Surgery, 1982
  • First Degree in Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery, 1988.
  • PhD.
  • License of the Czech Medicine Chamber in Surgery and Plastic Surgery.
  • Training and residencies abroad, at clinics in Petrograd, London, Rotterdam, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Valkenburg and Vienna.
  • Long-term residency at the plastic surgery clinic of Erasm University, Rotterdam, headed by Prof. Van Der Meulena, 1987-1988.Membership of Professional Societies
    • The Czech Medical Chamber
    • The Czech Society of Plastic Surgery – JEP
    • The Czech Society of Esthetic Surgery
    • The European Laser Association – The Laser Esthetic Surgery Section
    • The European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery – EACS


  • The author or the co-author of more than thirty specialized publications in Czech and foreign literature.
  • Named on the list of the best scientific publication’s authors of the Czech literal fund, since 1985.
  • The author of hundreds of cultural articles in the current press and magazines.

Dr. Petr Mob. Is our resident (internal medical specialist)

Petr Mob

Internal medicine







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