Radio frequency in cosmetic surgery

Radio Frequency in cosmetic surgery

e two system

1) Bodytight system.  Radio frequency in cosmetic surgery

Radio frequency in cosmetic surgery


The latest in aesthetic medicine from cosmetic to plastic surgery involves radiofrequency waves. Harnessed by modern technologies they can help rejuvenate, contour, and smooth the skin.

At the same time can help in removing the patient’s unwanted fat deposits.

The emitted heat energy stretches, smooth, and tightens the skin in ways that regular liposuction is unable to achieve. All of this is achieved in a very safe manner thanks to a contact cooling system.

During treatment with the Body Tite System liposuction, removes unwanted fat while the radiofrequency penetrates the skin from below. From this the radio frequency heat generated irradiates the skin and subsequently tightens it. The radio frequency acts directly on the lower layer of the skin and stimulates the formation of new collagen.


eTwo: complete rejuvenation of the face, 2 in 1.

2) eTwo system.

Radio frequency in cosmetic surgery

etwo machine

eTwo the new system of skin rejuvenation, uniquely combines two methods of deep remodelling and collagen production renewal in a single treatment.

This rapid procedure with immediate results is safe and suitable for all phototypes.

By heating deep skin layers, e two stimulates and shortens flaccid collagen fibres which lead to the immediate and long term smoothing out the wrinkles and the improvement of facial contours.

The skin is visibly more radiant and younger looking. The minimal period of convalescence enables the patient to immediately return to routine daily activities.

Fractora delivers radiofrequency energy into the skin via many micro needles (tiny columns of heat) that releases the exact dose into the subcutaneous layers.  This immediately triggers the formation of collagen and the overall restructuring of the skin. Thanks to the fact the emitted heat acts only at the site of the micro-needle injections.

Pigmentation as well as reddened skin healing, is much faster than in the case of classical ablations. Fractora can smoothe away deep wrinkles and small scars.

Radio frequency in cosmetic surgery

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