It’s all about quality cosmetic surgery not branding!

Quality cosmetic surgery

Our mantra has always been to concentrate on the quality of our final product and immaculate service, like you have never experienced before.

Word of mouth has always been our way of meeting new clients because we offer unparallel moral and physical support. This is before, and after the surgery, to make sure you feel relaxed reassured and happy!

Like any other surgery your journey shouldn’t be hesitant, sceptical, and cringe worthy. Swearing, never to do it again!

Our clients on the other hand like Jackie Brown below, who had a Face and Neck Lift with us, actually cannot wait to come back for more.

However all the real credit here goes to our skilled and knowledgeable surgeons, as well as the friendly nurses who made her feel at home.

quality cosmetic surgery

Having undergone cosmetic surgery previously in Tunisia and the UK, Jackie was our best testimonial, as she was able to objectively compared our service to the rest.

What she loved the most about Europa International was the fact that the pre-op consultation was qualitative, objective, realistic, and not hurried up like others.

Moreover, she was overwhelmed by the fact that John was at her service 24/7 whilst in Prague. Especially during and after surgery which are the most crucial moments for patient undergoing cosmetic surgery, both physically and mentally.

We remember her telling us how she and her sister had to go around looking for medical supplies post surgery when she went under the knife in Tunisia.

quality cosmetic surgery is what we do! what can we do for you?


Read Jackie’s experiences

quality cosmetic surgery

Jackie pre procedure

quality cosmetic surgery

after face and neck 1

quality cosmetic surgery

after face and neck 2

quality cosmetic surgery

Jackie together with Zuzanna our nurse. we understand they are still in touch with each other.

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