Plastic surgery Prague

Plastic surgery Prague


Plastic surgery Prague

Czech patient pre facelift

Plastic surgery Prague

Czech patient after facelift

Hello my name is Libby Babbage (former   owner of  Europa International) now retired.

Proud record of being the pioneers in the field of organising Plastic surgery trips to Prague.

Since 1996 we have been at the forefront of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Prague having accompanied more than 20,000 patients.

We accompany you throughout your entire plastic surgery journey

We begin by meeting you at the airport, show you the sights, then settle you into a comfortable apartment or 4-star hotel. There you can relax until we take you to meet one of our highly skilled surgeons to begin the pre-op examinations. Post-op we are there for you again to make sure your experience is as positive as possible. You can see much more by going to our website:

Plastic surgery Prague

Plastic surgery Prague we don’t do Cheap!

 When it comes to plastic surgery you don’t rely on the cheapest you are looking for the best. You want to know that you are receiving the best care from the most experienced surgeons and that is what Europa International can guarantee you. With 20 years experience (without one single complication)

Settling for the cheapest option (which we are not) place you potentially at risk. Low cost usually means sending you home early to minimise accommodation/hotel costs). Frequently left to your own devices rather than being looked after every step of the way.

 Assuming you decided you want to improve your appearance for sure e can help. We offer a wide range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures to help you achieve that goal.

At Europa International we have personal experience of many of the procedures. What would make you feel better about yourself?  

Is it a facelift you need?  Or do you need liposuction to get rid of all those bulges in the wrong places?  What about a tummy tuck to flatten that stomach?

Or cheek implants to give your face more definition? For the ladies, is it time to uplift those breasts?

Or do you finally think you-deserve those bigger breasts you’ve always dreamt of. Why wait any longer?

Would porcelain veneers brighten up your smile? And getting rid of those eye bags, wouldn’t that make you feel much fresher?  

Europa International can offer all that it takes to make you more beautiful and youthful by taking away the signs of ageing.

We are widely acclaimed with many news and magazine features to our name.

You only have to read a few of the testimonials from our clients to know that we have many very satisfied customers. Pauline Field won a facelift with us in a national magazine with great results which made her look 20 years younger. That’s what cosmetic surgery can achieve.

However its critical to feel 100% you can trust the team of people looking after you. In the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, Prague is now widely recognised as possessing highest levels of state of-the-art facilities, with the highest standards of hgiene.

With an excellent reputation

our business has expanded to include clients from countries beyond the United Kingdom. We are fast becoming truly international yet we haven’t lost the personal touch which makes our service so welcoming and reassuring and so unique.  We are proud to say that we have seen home safely every one of our patients.