Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic surgery for men

Cosmetic surgery traditonally has been associated and dominated by the female genre.

However these days they face competition  from our menfolk trying to make their mark in this field too.

This year in the UK demand by males for Cosmetic surgery has increased  by a whopping 7%.

Jesting apart, we never understood why it should be any different for men than women. Looking good is not something exclusively the domain of the female gender.

Traditionally it was commonplace for men to opt for procedures which were of a non-invasive nature. But not so today, they are bolder and more adventurous in this respect.

cosmetic surgery for men

nose job – chris – before operation

cosmetic surgery for men

Bent magazine – (December 2006) – Nose job in Prague







Cosmetic Surgery for men.

When it comes to aesthetic appearances women possess a big advantage over men-the use of-make-up! Which of course can conceal how in fact they really look underneath.

Although men probably dont give it too much thought, the amount of make-up women wear, can actually provide them with the extra help they need in knocking off a good few years from their faces.

Make-up gives women the advantage of being able to temporarily blur those fine lines with light reflective concealers. As well as highlighters and illuminators all of which work small wonders and help women to postpone any thoughts of cosmetic surgery.

Men on the other hand tend to rely on perceived naturally good looking features, boyish charm, or a macho personality to make their impact. Of course many men adopt some kind of skin care regime. However as describled above they are much more limited.This may well explain to some extent  the increase in the number of cosmetic surgery treatments for men-makes logical sense doesn’t it?

Following our research we have listed below the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery for men and here’s our little breakdown.

Breast Reduction

Man boobs or ‘moobs’ for short is caused by a medical condition that can be treated by Breast Reduction surgery that aims to remove excess tissue, fat and evens skin leading to a firmer and more masculine chest.


If you don’t want your nose to ‘get in your way’ when it enters the  room before you do a nose job is a procedure that can harmonise your nose with other facial features. Thus  creating symmetry and an overall more pleasing appearance, to boost your confidence, and look handsome! For sure this is one of the most popular procedures for men. Done correctly the shape and the size of the nose is enhanced  in a subtle manner.

Tummy tuck

Due to the popularity of gastric bands and other obesity reduction procedures that men are very much involved in, the sagging and excesse skin can tightened by removing the excess skin, creating a nice flat tummy wall. This is just perfect for those interested in building a good physique as it provides a flat canvas, and makes the appearance of ‘abs’ more visible and easier to achieve.

Face Lift & Eye Lid Surgery

We recommend both should go hand in hand to display efficient results and give you more value for your hand earned cash. Heavy and droopy eye lids can usually put other people off, distract them during conversations and give an indication that you are tired even when you’re not. To make up for those wrinkle fillers, concealers and illuminators that men cannot use, an incision free eye lid laser surgery will be subtle enough to get noticed, making you appear rested and refreshed.

Men in their 40s and above tend to team it up with a Face Lift. Which is the only long term way to get rid of saggy skin around the jowls, chin, and neck.

Are you a younger chap? Then Aptos Thread Lift is a scar-free procedure that you are looking for to give instant results.

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