Plastic surgery Czech Prague Libbys diary

Plastic surgery Czech Prague

Fly on the wall diaries by cosmetic surgery guru Libby
  Europa international diaries and memories spanning 20 years.

Welcome To my guide on cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in Prague diary- both from personal experiences and as a renowned guru.

Libby Babbage  “cosmetic surgery guru” 

reveals her experiences gained over 20 years not only as a patient (Libby has undergone many cosmetic surgery procedures) but also as providing support to other cosmetic surgery patients.

She is the proprietor of Europa International (est. 1996) world pioneers and innovators offering to UK citizens Czech cosmetic surgery in Prague.


plastic surgery Czech Prague

Libby post facelift

plastic surgery Czech Prague

Libby post facelift

plastic surgery Czech Prague

Libby pre facelift







As seen BBC Anglia TV and numerous national publications.

Featuring plastic surgery Czech Prague. A journey of discovery into cosmetic surgery as a patient and  advisor/guru.

I apologise if when reading it at times it appears somewhat disjointed, but I have written it really in a non-structured way more simply as it comes into my head.

We began our journey back in 1996 and during that time until now we have seen “first-hand” every conceivable cosmetic surgery procedure right across the spectrum.

When I say “seen” I mean from the time we first meet the patient at the airport right up until they board the plane home. This has given us a unique insight into every aspect not only of the surgical elements in plastic surgery,but the anxieties as well as the “what not to do’s” etc.

plastic surgery Czech Prague and our unique approach. 

Reason we are unique is because no other company spends so much time with the patient. Indeed most of our competitors do not even get up out of their chair either in the UK or Prague. This raises the question why use an agent at all! Whereas we are with people all the way and…..we seen it all!!! Moreover most of the procedures I have undergone myself.

This guide to Plastic surgery Czech Prague, or whatever we call it is not in any way a definitive guide of cosmetic surgery procedures. There is lots of info on this subject out there including our own website. I have written this as an account of how it has been for us and from personal patient experiences. When I say “us” I really mean my husband John. Although I deal with e mails and telephone enquiries, its John who actually is with the patients during their stay in Prague.

He has done an amazing job during our 20 years of trading. Apart from I think 3 ladies who took a dislike to him everyone else loved him! I’d say that’s a pretty good ratio! He is a very relaxed person with far more patience than me and his zany humour coupled with a willingness to go far out of his way to help has shone through. His tally of thank you notes and Xmas cards is evidence of this. I am hoping he can continue for many years to come because as he is irreplaceable. The knowledge through experience which John has gained has proven invaluable.

For example once he had a call in the middle of the night from a breast augmentation patient where she was concerned about a brown liquid coming from her support bra. Having called out the surgeon it turned out to be no more than IODINE. These are valuable lessons which can never be learned from sitting in an armchair back in UK.

We have also met some great characters along the way. A Scotsman from Glasgow, who was only once sober during the entire trip!! That was when he was under anaesthetic!! He had a nose job, and god knows how he got away with it. Also a T.S who required breast enlargement! He naturally wore women’s clothes and the nurses didn’t know which loo to point him/her in the direction of. John once walked down Wenceslas Sq. with this man/lady in her full “Chanel” regalia.

plastic surgery Czech Prague and some cases studies.

We had many gratifying cases one being a British Airways Stewardess still very elegant and slim, but sadly the face was showing signs of wear. To see the transformation from a middle aged lady to a woman in her prime looking again in her 30’s again was very rewarding. It transformed not only how she looked but how she felt about herself.

Another one which springs to mind was a girl of around 18 who had virtually no boobs at all. Totally lacking in confidence and always walked with her head down etc. Never ventured to night clubs or had a boyfriend and locked herself away in her bedroom every night. She felt so inadequate and self-conscious especially when all her mates were clubbing and showing off all the “goodies” so to speak. Well our surgeon gave her new boobs which were absolutely stunning, and would make any red blooded young man’s eyes pop out. That was very rewarding for us, and nice to know we played a small part in the process. When I think of cases like this who can knock cosmetic surgery!!

Another lady we recall fondly, a sweet lass from Liverpool who’s job was principal external rep for an industrial cleaning company. In her younger days (she told us) she was very attractive with the most amazing legs to go with it. Sadly she said nowadays all I possess is the nice legs!! Consequently I have found I am no longer successful in winning the orders especially where the men are the decision maker.

Sad but it’s true men generally are more receptive towards attractive women. So she decided to do something about it…..a facelift!. I am happy to report she now has the face as well as the legs once more. I must ask her if she is back to form regarding the orders!”

We were tested a bit more than usual last year by welcoming our first UK G.P. for surgery. A lovely lady who was very impressed with everything and at no time used her own medical training to make a point. This is in stark contrast from our experience with some UK nurses. They can be a bit of as nightmare!!  They often think they know( better than the surgeon) what is the best way to approach things. If you are a nurse and considering cosmetic surgery it’s best to consider showing some humility and respect for the surgeon. The “only way” is not always the “UK” way. I hasten to add some nurses have been fine.

plastic surgery Czech Prague -be open and receptive to engage with the locals.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in any of the Central European countries Poland, Hungary, Czech etc. do try and learn at least a few words of the native language. This impresses, and warms local people towards you. If you have an attitude that you are visiting some “third world country” who should be grateful for my money-then look elsewhere. Unfortunately the media have distorted people’s views of some of these countries. Most people would be surprised to know that in Prague, wages are virtually same as in the UK outside of London. I know nothing annoys the locals more than foreigners arriving with a superior attitude. My husband John often says that new arrivals sometimes make remarks such as: “oh look, they have a McDonald’s or a Tesco”!!……”well- why shouldn’t they”?

Once you made the decision on where to go for your surgery  often “the battle” has only just begun. Many tell us that all the “so called friends” and relatives start to appear from the woodwork. Bombarding you with reasons why you should not go to this clinic, that country, or indeed why you should have the procedure at all.

Luckily most people figured it out that these pressures are not borne out of genuine concerns, but more likely jealousy and or envy. I say do your research, visit the clinic first (even if abroad) and then once decided.. “go for it”.

Many of our clients said the critics did not in truth know where the Czech Republic was on the map. They just knew it was not in UK.

Plastic surgery advice information

Also when deciding where to go for your surgery (if abroad) remember you are not taking a holiday. I often see these ridiculous adverts, where there is mention of exotic beaches, and Safari’s….  SAFARI’S!!!!. Can you imagine after say a “tummy tuck”, bouncing along in a Land Rover armed with your camera and binoculars? Before the day was out you would finish up in an intensive care unit! No doubt this eventuality would not be covered in the price of your surgery. In the case of most other surgeries, you are forbidden to expose fresh scars to sunlight.

Lastly and most important do try and read the book safe cosmetic surgery, or plastic fantastic. These book spell out in plain terms both the benefits as well as the risk associated with cosmetic surgery. There are two possible adverse outcomes neither of which are correctable. One is facial nerve damage, after face-lifting. Although extremely rare nevertheless the risk is there and nothing can be done to correct it. Second is hypertrophic keloids. Where instead of the scar closing it opens out. Cortisone injections can help or scar revision. This can deal with the problem as it does not always happen the second time round or it can make it worse. So there is some hope with this one, but not nerve damage.

Plastic surgery Czech Prague to be continued.