Plastic surgery boom in over 50s

Plastic Surgery boom in over 50s

Why might that be?

plastic surgery boom in over 50s

Lady age 65

Plastic surgery boom in over 50s

Libby the author age 62

The two images shown here are of ladies roughly same age.  Libby had a facelift clearly- the other lady hasn’t!

Are you finding yourself becoming one of the invisible generation?

That’s sadly what happens when you start to grow old. You find you gradually begin to become unnoticed.

Its subtle, but slowly it starts to creeps up on you. In everyday life we often find ourselves marginalised in conversations.

People (maybe unwittingly) display indifference towards us. Our opinions don’t seem to count for very much anymore.

Conversations are rarely extended beyond the minimum. In fact people seem to put themselves out to disagree. The fact is its outright ageism, and a view that the world belongs exclusively to the young.

Plastic Surgery boom in over 50s

Of course eventually it happens to us all. But nevertheless for those who once enjoyed being the centre of attention, it feel rather like society is shunning you. You have been categorised and treated as an-invisible.

Why is that you may well ask. Actually you have to had experience of being both young and old to understand it.

Youthfulness projects a radiance and glow to which people react more positively. It’s true what’s so often been said- how you look is key to success. People naturally warm to attractive, bouncy, self confident people. All of which comes from looking good and knowing it.

Frumpy, old and decrepit, is sadly how the elderly are perceived. Which has the effect on an elderly person of feeling quite worthless. Your value is zero.

Plastic Surgery boom in over 50s

So, what can be done to remedy this? Bearing in mind many people are quite happy to simply accept it. The ones who can’t, are usually those who were once very attractive and used to getting their own way. Which is of course much easier if you look good. You know you lost it when you can no longer get your own way or, be listened to anymore.

Does the idea of a cosmetic surgery procedure a consideration?

We have in the last year or so, seen a sharp rise in the number of enquires from the over 60’s for a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Obviously we cannot conduct a survey as to precisely their reason/motives but here are a few possible reasons.

Plastic Surgery boom in over 50s

1) Money. It would seem that either people are becoming that bit “better off” or throwing ‘caution to the wind’ and splashing out. Or, making it a priority and foregoing other spending: holiday, new kitchen, or home extension for example.

2) face lift and eyes surgery. What amongst the older generation is the most in demand cosmetic surgery procedures?  -faces and eyes. These are the areas which bug older people the most, because they are clearly on display (cannot be hidden) and the face is what people connect with most. Reason for making the decision are based on personal pride in appearance, becoming noticed again instead of generally being ignored. From my own experience a really good and natural looking facelift makes a massive positive effect. I recall after my last facelift ( I had two) my self confidence massively improved. I recall one day a surly car clamper gave me at my confident request 15 minutes in order to do my shopping, and amazingly addressed me as “babes” I had to laugh as I was age 56 at the time.

For someone who had enjoyed the admiration and attention of the opposite sex when younger, it was a welcome boost to my ego. Of course many would criticise my superficial attitude, and tell me to simply “grow old gracefully” but that’s not me!

Huge upsurge in Plastic Surgery among the over 50s

The fact is after my facelift on the ‘outside’ I looked age 40 again. Downside was nobody opened doors for me anymore, or treated me as an older person who needed to be taken care of.

Whilst undergoing a face lift its very important that at the same time eye bags and upper lids surgery is performed Otherwise, the newly chiselled face, is let down badly by old and tired looking eyes. If you plan to ignore the eyes, my advice is not to bother with the facelift at all- you will waste you money.

3) Tummy tucks and lipo combined.

Sadly many of our older generation have developed large tummy overhangs and expanding hip,thighs etc. This for them is very distressing because in their younger years, they were mostly trim and slim. On the other hand these days often the daughter possesses a bigger  tummy, thighs, and hips, than their daughters. It’s a fact we see it all the time. However its not for me to comment here on the reasons for this and why. However a tummy tuck and liposuction on an older person make them look much better in their clothes but does not stand up to the scrutiny of just wearing a swimming costume. For most mature ladies it’s not a question of trying to attract a wife/husbandor partner, it’s more personal self esteem. They are conscious about being unable to stand up to scrutiny when wearing a bathing costume.

Bat wings. Another scourge for the older woman. Big flapping upper arms, very unsightly and reminds them of how their own Mum or aunty suffered with the same problem many years ago. Now perhaps they have a bit more empathy on the issues.  However bat wings correction is not a procedure to take lightly. Removing too much surplus skin can render you paralysed in that arm. Also you can do absolutely nothing for at least 5 days following the surgery. But we’ll worthwhile I’d the rest of the body looks good, but let down by the flapping upper arms.

Of course there are numerous other procedures which come into the category of ‘anti-aging’ but the ones listed above are the priorities.

Another time I will describe these other procedures such as ageing- hands, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels, and fat transfer.

Plastic Surgery boom in over 50s

Article created by: Libby Babbage-former owner of Europa International.