Lower Eye Bag Surgery with CO2 laser – Tereza Kubik

TV Celebrity, presenter and actress, Tereza Kubik had cosmetic surgery to remove a deep fold under her lower eye bags. After the operation she said:

“Had I known, I would have done it ages ago.” Read her testimony below.

Tereza before the lower eye bag surgery

Tereza before the surgery

Tereza after the lower eye bag surgery

Tereza after the surgery

Why wait for Plastic Surgery

I delayed visiting a plastic surgeon for an unusually long time, in fact if it hadn’t been for the kind and intelligent support of people around me ‘I would still be hesitating’. There were two reasons for my reluctance – firstly I was so used to having bags under my eyes (owing to hereditary predisposition and their life-long presence on my face) that I tended not to notice them much. Secondly, I try and tackle all the things I don’t like on my own, especially if I want to change, or if it just bothers me. For example, when I put on weight, it satisfies me to lose it by making an effort such as running on the treadmill or swimming.So in the surgeons consulting rooms my questions were different from what may be expected.

But let’s not jump ahead – firstly let me explain why I went there in the first place. In the last year or two I started to feel and in fact simply see marked deterioration of what’s called ‘bags under eyes’.

People started asking me more and more often if I was tired, haven’t slept or even if I was ill – like having a kidney problem etc. I have to say that my little boy sleeps really well and does not really contribute to any potential lack of sleep and I can always find time to sleep, in fact more than could be expected in view of the exposed nature of my work. Besides, the problem became even more of an issue at work – to cut a long story short – it started to distract people from what I was saying, which is not a great thing for a presenter. I realised one thing: I want people to look into my eyes, not under them!

So I had a chat with my amazing make-up artist Vlasta Libotovska. Although she, like me, believes in nature and relies on good make-up, healthy lifestyle and relaxed mood to make skin look great, she immediately and unscrupulously said that my only hope was a plastic surgeon. So I hesitantly knocked on their door of Europa-Internationals surgeon in Prague.

Teresa Meets her Surgeon in Prague

In my first meeting with the surgeon I asked whether it could actually be the kidneys and the problem may be resolved by, for example, drinking more water. He smiled kindly (probably amused by my naivety) and calmly explained my diagnosis. What followed was a quick process. Because he was not offering a scalpel, but the latest cutting-edge laser technology in which he is an expert, I made the decision, booked an appointment and attended.

I was met by extraordinarily friendly staff who patiently and kindly answered all my inquisitive questions. I decided that since I’m so close to the real thing and undergoing general anaesthetic for the sake of my career, I might as well learn something and broaden my horizons. Apart from the fact that I resumed normal business in four days (as a mother the very next day), I am also so much happier.Recently I saw an old recording of a TV show I had done and I was shocked at how much worse it actually looked, worse than I would have believed it at the time.

Now I have had the surgery my face does not look unnatural, nothing has been cut out or sewed on; what has been removed was something surplus, as if you empty out pockets that are unnecessarily full. I look just like myself and that is all I ever wanted. Again and from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the whole team who took care of me with utmost professionalism and kindness to boot. I can’t recommend them enough!!!

Procedure of Lower Eye Bag Surgery with CO2 laser

The surgery takes around 30 minutes under general anaesthetics; a laser scalpel is used, therefore there is no need for incision of the lower eyelid and subsequent scarring. The scalpel does not leave any marks on the eyelid. That is the biggest advantage of the Transconjunctival Laser technique.

The laser makes an incision across the conjunctival sac on the inside of the lower eyelid, never on the outside. A few minutes after blunt preparation fat pads the size of a pea begin to appear. The fat pads are found in three separate compartments from which they are exposed and reseated by laser scalpel. The lower lid conjunctiva is simply stuck together with no need for stitching.

Cutting Edge Eye Surgery

The surgery is followed by rejuvenation of skin around the eyes by application of CO2 laser with lower energy level. This lowers the amount of visible lines and causes ‘bioeffect’ (anti-ageing process). Skin around the eyes rejuvenates and resurfaces. Vaseline is applied onto the skin of lower eye lid after the surgery. The eye is protected from the laser and cannot be affected.

Hospitalisation is necessary for 24 hours and the usual recovery time for conjunctive eye treatment lasts around 7 days. Following the surgery, widely available eye drops Visine are applied into the eye. It is not recommended to work with computers for a week after the surgery. The skin around the eyes has to be protected from sunlight for two months. Therefore it is not recommended to sunbathe or use sun beds for two months after the surgery. However it is possible to go on holiday to the seaside after 3 weeks, provided that products with a high protective factor against UV rays are used. Furthermore, we recommend wearing dark sunglasses. You will be able to resume full physical activity, e.g. sport, after 3 weeks.

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