Liposuction testimonial by Anife

You may wonder how an apparently fit and lithesome dancer such as Anife felt the need to undergo liposuction in Prague. As a dancer Anife has always been very disciplined and naturally followed a rigorous daily exercise regime to keep herself in shape. The turning point and catalyst for her decision to have liposuction treatment was following the birth of her first child.

Despite the wonderful pleasures of being a mum, the downside was the sight of something she had never had before – a “podgy tummy” and big hips! Because she was not ready to give up her dancing career she decided to do something about it.


New technique offered Vaser liposuction:  

Anif before liposuction surgery
Before the surgery
After the liposuction surgery
After the surgery
Anife after the liposuction surgery
After the surgery
After the operation
After the operation













In the beginning she started with a rigorous exercise regime specifically targeting the abdomen region spending hours on endless stomach crunches and hip swiveling. Anife persisted with this approach every day for months, but unfortunately there was little improvement. The odds against her recovering her previous figure were limited because she is 35 years old. The blunt truth is if she had the baby ten years earlier her tummy would probably have contracted to how it was before, but in her mid-thirties she would struggle to lose the excess fat acquired during pregnancy.

Anife having exhausted the exercise route, and with less and less free time to devote to exercise liposuction was the only other viable option. In particular she was attracted to the idea of Tumescent liposuction with its minimal down time and no general anaesthetic. Added to this the prospect of outpatient surgery and being able to return home within one hour following surgery, were the final influencing factors.

Although Anife now has her nice flat stomach back she was given a word of warning by her surgeon. “You have your flat tummy back now and it looks much more petite and contoured than before, however – beware this is no cause for complacency.” Poor diet and a lax lifestyle could quickly bring you back here again.

Patients should understand that metabolisms of fats stored in the body, remains at exactly the same levels as before the procedure was carried out. Consequently, if your energy intake exceeds your output, you will start to store fat elsewhere.The exact number of fat cells each individual possesses is determined at birth and remains constant throughout your life – they do not multiply, they do not recede.

Anife was naturally a little anxious both on the day of the surgery and those leading up to it. This was not so much a fear of the surgery itself, but a natural apprehension that is associated with not knowing what to expect and how it would feel. It is perfectly natural to feel this way.

What is the Procedure for Liposuction?

The doctor fills the cannula with a special solution and combined with a local anesthetic. This method only required one injection rather than two. He then gently and slowly inserts a tube into the stomach to extract the excess fat. The patient feels no pain or pressure, just a slight sensation. The operation takes around 30 minutes from beginning to end.

Post-op the patient is taken to a private room where they are asked to relax for another 30 minutes to allow the fat cells to relax. You will then be wrapped in a special compression garment to stabilize the fat cells. Anife returned to work as a dancer 14 days later, but women in less strenuous professions can return to work and their other daily routines in as a little as 2 or 3 days.

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