Jane LLewellyn breast uplift reduction testimonial

Jane Llewellyn        Jane used our services once before for a tummy tuck and liposuction.

9, St. Andrews Road,


Email trasnscrpit: Hiya Libby & John,

(Jane)Here are the photos of my new boobs. Excellent!  Am over the moon with them.

Thank you both so much for your help and support during my op and my time after whist healing.

So very much appreciated!

(John) Thats the best boob job I ever seen. We can see precisely why you are so pleased.


Jane) Hiya Both….I certainly don’t mind you putting my new boobs on the site and you can use my full name  AND address if you like. I am that pleased with them I don’t mind if the world knows I’ve had them done. Everyone in work and all my friends and family know I’ve had a boob job and the nurses are amazed at the results. I love em to bits. Money well spent!!

9, St. Andrews Road,




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