Liposuction procedure is it on your wedding to-do list?

Liposuction procedure information


Fitting nicely into wedding dress

Its a rollercoaster ride on its own when planning for a wedding-right? It’s almost impossible to know where to begin with. The perfect Venue, ring, ‘the dress’, flowers, caterers, presents and most importantly the after party – the honeymoon.

With so much on your mind, you don’t want the added burden of worrying about weight issues, diet, and exercise. We are not implying in any way that yoy should ignore these issues but they should not become an obsessive focal point in your pre-wedding preparations. 

Liposuction procedure delivers the ultimate solution

Many of our clients who have witnessed dramatic results and have remained stunned as to how conveniently and painlessly it has changed their body shape – thanks to our surgeon’s unique techniques!

Our patient ‘Jo’ stated “It took around 3 weeks post surgery for the bruises to fade away”. Pain levels were no big- deal at all, it was ‘like I had done 500 sit ups the day before’ without mild soreness and no pain.. You can see for yourself how stunning she looked on her wedding day!

Have you ever felt like even after controlling what you eat and working out at the gym religiously, you are not getting the results your deserve? Sometimes it can be a variety of factors that work towards not achieving the results you wish. In which case, Liposuction works miraculously at losing those dreaded bat wings, love handles, muffin top, thunder thighs and bloated belly.

Sometimes when you lose weight overall it is still difficult to spot treat some areas of the body, especially arms and thighs amongst women that can actually take quite a few hours of your day and perhaps a personal trainer to accomplish.

Losing weight

We feel losing some weight before and after surgery surely complements the overall results of a Liposuction procedure but it is definitely recommended to continue working out and observing a healthy lifestyle to maintain your brand new figure. In short, we’ll provide you with the perfect body shape of your dreams,  that will enable you to slip elegantly and gracefully into your wedding dress.


liposuction procedure

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How can we help?

Why compromise its one of the biggest occasions in your life and you want to naturally look the best you have ever looked.

Europa International can help you with a safe and effective solution. Oh and lets not to forget, we combine it with a mini getaway in the beautiful city of Prague. The city’s serenity and therapeutic vibe together with many urrounding Spa town will take your mind off wedding jitters for sure.

Say goodbye to all the drama associated with fitting in to that‘perfect’ wedding dress. You don’t want the day to be spoilt by the worry of looking less than perfect in that dress.

Our MD Libby Babbage has herself undergone liposucton surgery and will answer all your ‘worries and concerns’ queries. 

Planning a wedding soon? Call us now on 07543 550 660

Note: John and Libby have now both retired. However their Czech speaking Son ‘Paul’ has taken over the reins.