Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list?

Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list?

Yes, its fast approaching that time of year again. For most its been a struggle with all the the trials, and tribulations, of another year under the belt!

For an increasing number of people over a “certain age” there would be no finer gift than to restore the youthful face, and other body features, they once possessed.

Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list? most people would not admit that it IS! 

Sadly, for all of us, nature takes its inevitable course. Slowly but surely, bit-by-bit robbing us of all those youthful features we once took for granted.

Yes for granted we all thought we were going to remain forever young and -those oldies were simply another species.

Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list?

Face lift – before – Libby

Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list?

Face lift – after – Libby







Its fair to say generally manifestations of growing old invariably hit home hardest with  the female gender!

 This fact is borne out by the % number of women opting for cosmetic surgery as opposed to men. Despite large increases in the number of men going under the knife its still dwarfed by the number of women who go down this route.  

Whilst there are many reasons behind such decisions  “peer” pressure would be high on the list.

Looking good is associated with energy and vibrancy, where’s all the signs of ageing are associated sadly  with “worn out” or “washed up” etc. apart from all the classic signs of ageing such as eye-bags, sagging neck and mid face, jowls, wrinkles, we find in many cases hair loss occurs too.

Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list?

Whilst many are prepared to accept the inevitability of the ageing process many will resist it all the way. Take for example myself: Libby Babbage owner of Europa international cosmetic  surgery organisers since 1996.

Our service involves taking patients to Prague for cosmetic surgery.

Right OK, so lets look at putting say facelift surgery on the Xmas list. Well realistically spending your Xmas swathed in a face support turban is  far from ideal. Popping various medications, and consuming only liquidised foods (could be good if you want to lose weight). Staying over Xmas to recover is not an option either. Why….well for a start there would be no Dr’s or nurses on duty to look after you.

Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list?

Lets hope (if  that’s really what you wish) Santa Claus delivers under your Xmas tree a gift voucher for your desired cosmetic surgery procedure.

Due to minimal risks of infection in colder climates the optimum time to undergo any form of cosmetic surgery procedure is during the winter months. Not to mention there is less inclination to scratch the area around the fresh incisions.

Whether it be a nose job, tummy tuck, liposuction, eyebag surgery, breast uplift, breast reduction, breast implants  hopefully funding provision  will be included in your Xmas stocking with a view to undergoing your procedure early in the New year.

Have a great Xmas and maybe we shall see you at our clinic one day.

Is cosmetic surgery on your Xmas wish list? We would love to know.