Plastic surgery versus the natural option

Plastic surgery versus the natural option

Its often said that inner beauty is more important as opposed to the superficiality of outer beauty. In an ideal world we agree with this.  However a persons inner beauty usually does not get the airing it deserves, because peoples interactions are usually based on aesthetic aspects. Chemistry, a desire to mingle with the so called “beautiful people.”  Dating, clubbing and the night life is the best example of this.


Plastic surgery versus the natural option

Senior lady no cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery versus the natural option

Senior lady had cosmetic surgery









We may sound a little cruel and ruthless here , but we don’t understand why inner beauty always has to win just to sound politically correct.

Whereas in the real world outer beauty clearly dominates-universally. Also, openly admitting the dominance of outer beauty should not be looked down upon. In fact our mantra suggests both forms of beauty should be parallel to achieve the perfect balance in life.

You could be the most wonderful and kind hearted person in the world,. But, if say you are in a night club environment, and  you look drab and basically plain, nobody is going to find out about that inner beauty you possess.

If frankly nobody is attracted to you, you could stand on your own all night.  Today everything is about looks, that first few seconds, of contact.

Its right to say that a book should not be judged by its cover.  However unfortunately these days, in reality, that’s how it works. 

Plastic surgery versus the natural option

For those brave enough there is  practical solution:- 

plastic surgery. 

It’s absolutely great if you have been already bestowed with the ‘perfect’ features. However for  most of us ladies we have to rely heavily upon cosmetics, creams, lotions and potions to enhance our outer appearance and make it pleasing to the eye of the so called beholder. If that suffices, then great but if not then cosmetic surgery is the modern, accessible and achievable way to be in total control of your appearance and not rely on gimmicky, temporary solutions.

Don’t restrict yourself from socialising or achieving your fullest potential in life be it in relationships or a career. Stigmas attached to Cosmetic Surgery are a thing of the past. In the current day and age, we not only have celebrities who openly admit to ‘enhancing’ their features but these days its virtually affordable for everyone.

Plastic surgery can help to bring out that ‘light’ from within the heart.

Lets face it, wonderful woman that Mother Teresa was, it is unlikely she would have been employed as a TV presenter. Sadly but realistically, outer beauty is the clear winner. We seek to help you make the most of what you have.

If you have ever felt that crooked nose, thin lips, uneven teeth, eye bags, thunder thighs or a flat chest are getting in the way of your confidence and inner beauty, simply give us a call on 07543 550 660 and we’ll offer a solution tailor-made to your needs.

Plastic surgery versus the natural option