Going under the knife: A good career move

Cosmetic surgery

Going under the knife is it a good career move? An increasing number of  executives, investment bankers and head fund managers are opting for Cosmetic Surgery to propel their career. It goes without saying that education, confidence, personality and the characteristics of a person play are the primary factors in determining how they shall climb the corporate ladder but one cannot also deny that looks don’t help! There are numerous studies that show how beautiful people are perceived to be more intelligent, well presented, smart and social on the first glance. In a world where humans are used to judging a book by a cover, it is inevitable how a pleasing appearance can help graduates get jobs, employees get promotion or bosses taken more seriously with a queue of employees seeking their approval.

cosmetic surgery

Before facelift

cosmetic surgery

Libby Babbage after facelift






What about us mere ordinarly folk?

It is a myth that only those in the show business bite the bullet and go under the knife. Due to advances in technology, the ease of access to cosmetic surgery outlets and the availability of finance options have made it a very common procedure to indulge in a bit of a nip and tuck to keep up with the younger crowd in the office and extend ones career. There are two main reason’s as to why the corporate workforce considers cosmetic as a career move in the first place, the first being to beautify themselves even more and the second as a corrective measure to ‘perfect’ the features of the face or the parts of the body they are unhappy with.

The first reason is usually criticized by critiques and is known to become a water cooler topic in the office very easily. We don’t understand why so much criticism attached to working on ones looks. No one questions employees when they spend thousands of pounds on a designer bag or a watch. For sure those are the exact same reasons as to why they would indulge in cosmetic surgery. To make a better impression, boost their confidence; get an edge over other employees and to get noticed more.

Moreover, if you carefully select the right cosmetic surgery outlet (such as with us over 20 years of experience!) and opt for subtle yet effective procedures, done correctly it can definitely work in your favour, and inspire more employees to try it out as well.

The second option is opting for the so called corrective measure. This can be anything from say:  a liposuction or a tummy tuck procedure that is preventing you from performing effectively at work, eye lid surgery that can distract during conversations, or a corrective nose job to be able to fit in better and harmonise the face.

Regardless of the reason you have in mind for wanting to take the step to correct or enhance your appearance for a career benefit, make sure to fit it strategically into your work schedule if you want to keep it a secret from the office crowd. Our surgeries always take place in Prague which can work well as a ‘getaway excuse’ in theworkplace and the superficial changes can be termed as a post-holiday glow!