Facelift surgery is it for me?

Facelift surgery is it for me?

Face lift – before – Libby

Facelift surgery is it for me?

Face lift – after – Libby







Facelift surgery is it for me?

Libby Babbage former Director (now retired) Europa International. Post op still slightly bruised but 7 days after her facelift.

When considering Facelift surgery

who can offer you first advice? Metaphorically the first point of contact is your bathroom cabinet mirror. Showing you exactly how you are look to the outside world, and it don’t lie!

Facelift surgery is it for me?  Any woman, or indeed man (come to that) can be totally indifferent to their own reflections when looking into a mirror. Its very unlikely for most, that the sight of deep grooves and wrinkles is a source of delight. Those ladies who expound the view of “grow old naturally” usually wear make- up, eye highlighters, lipstick, dye their hair, no to mention using their compact make up mirror countless times each day. Most of this is (lets face it)  it to disguise/conceal how they really look!

Deep grooves and wrinkles accompanied with loss of skin elasticity actually changes the contours of your face. The emergence of a double/second chin does nothing for ones self confidence especially in this “ageism” times society we live in.


Facelift surgery is it for me?

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For those who wish to push back the onset or progression of middle to older age there are effective ways to combat this. Yes rejuvenation is possible!

The most favoured method is  a cosmetic surgery facelift – an effective way to correct unfavourable changes to the face and neck.

Facelift surgery is it for me?

Our facelift surgery specialists understand fully every woman’s desire to remain young and beautiful for as long as possible. A woman’s beauty is natures gift to them. To see it being ravaged and destroyed by ageing for some is just too much to bear. Especially if the person previously enjoyed the adulation of the male sex.

Of course the decision is individual and some ladies are genuinely happy to grow old gracefully. But for those who want to correct the ageing signs there is the opportunity  to grab back an average of 10 years – indeed a facelift can correct almost all the age-related changes.

Who are good candidates?

At what age is it recommended? The operation is indicated for those who are suffering some of the following manifestations:

sagging skin to the forehead and eyebrows;

drooping corners of the eye lid or eye bags;

Drooping in the soft tissues to the cheeks;

pronounced nasolabial folds;

double chin.

But as such there are no age recommendations.

Indications as to when you might be ready for  face lift surgery are purely individual and not dictated by information in your passport. The time to consider, is  when your looks bother you then it’ could be time to consider.

Are there any contra-indications for a facelift and what are they?

The operation is contra-indicated in the following cases:

infectious diseases and cancer;


problems with blood clotting;

chronic diseases in the acute form.

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