Cosmetic surgery women over 60

Cosmetic Surgery women over 60

Cosmetic Surgery women over 60

Watch Libby’s amazing transformation see above video.

Cosmetic surgery women over 60 what improvements realistically can they expect.

Let’s start by saying cosmetic surgery or Plastic surgery is not the “silver bullet” and can do  little more than slow down the ageing  process for a few years. Unfortunately its limitations are that it cannot restore that indefinable youthful glow inherent only in a young person. That’s why we so often hear remarks such as; “she looks good for her age”.

Cosmetic surgery women over 60

Lets begin with a Facelift.  This is the focus of most peoples concern as all the classic ageing signs manifest themselves. This is where most people start as its the most difficult part of the body to conceal  unless you wear a burka.Typically loose skin to the neck (turkey neck), deep jowels, midface looseness, eyebags, and upper eye hooding, wrinkled brow with deep furrows.

All of these indications can be  corrected in the hands of a skilled plastic/cosmetic surgeon. Done well the changes will be subtle, and not “screaming-plastic surgery”!  People will just look and be puzzled as to how you just look exceptionally relaxed and more youthful. When asked, patients often put it down to a recent relaxing holiday.

Cosmetic surgery women over 60

Cosmetic surgery women over 60 can deliver a massive confidence boost

Unfortunately its limitations are that it cannot restore that indefinable youthful glow inherent only in a young person. That’s why we so often hear remarks such as; “she looks good for her age”Let’s start with the face -a This is where most people start as if the most difficult part of the body to conceal  unless you wear a burka. Here we show a before and after image of myself before and after a facelift.

Cosmetic surgery women over 60

Cosmetic surgery women over 60

Face lift – before – Libby

Cosmetic surgery women over 60

facelift after-Libby

I should mention the procedure included  upper and lower eye surgery. This is really essential in order to achieve optimal results. On the odd occasion when the patient opted to exclude the eye bags and eyelid surgery the results were disappointing.  The reason being you now have old eyes on a much younger face.

Moreover the difference becomes more evident as time goes by. As an example you had your facelift at age 55, and looked say 45 post op, but you still have the eyes of a 55 year old with some hooding and eye bags. In 5 years time you look 50, and your eyes look age 60. Totally out of synch and frankly it will look quite hideous!

A facelift I can say from personal experience is a great confidence booster. Although looking younger does have some draw backs such as you do not find people opening doors for you, as you no longer look to need a helping hand. You are quite old but now you are alone and isolated and amongst a younger set of people.

Cosmetic surgery women over 60

Eye surgery.

Is a relatively simple and  short procedure and if done well can know years off you. Taking away that rather tired look which is associated with eye bags.

The author has undergone both  facelift and upper and lower eyes procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery to the body.

Working our way downwards we start with the breast area.

Breast Implants

As we age with childbirth and ageing gravity starts to také hold. Often when still young breast implants can restore loss of volume often experienced after childbirth. The breast sacs often are somewhat empty and only implants can restore it. The procedure takes around 1.5 hours and the implants can be placed either over or under the muscle depending on the surgeons assessment. Results are truly amazing and patients are usually happy with the outcome.

Breast uplift, breast, reduction or both.

Often heavy and pendulous breast can be a burden a well as unsightly. Sometimes an uplift is sufficient in other cases a reduction or both. Of course many women are happy to possess larger than average breast as long as they sit in the right place, but being droopy is not deemed to be cool, so to speak. These procedures are regarded as quite major and not to be treated lightly. The procedure often takes 3 hours plus and requires extensive after care. But as always done well results are good. But for sure there are visible scars which  however do fade nicely in time. In some cases the surgeon suggest a Combination of implants and uplift and or reduction.

The author has undergone breast-uplift procedure.

Tummy-Tuck or Abdominoplasty

This procedure is another ‘big one’ as basically your tummy from hip to hip is opened up in order to perform this procedure. Any fat is sucked out by way of liposuction, stomach wall tightened and excess skin removed. Not for the faint hearted and you can be under anaesthetic for a number of hours. Often at the same time liposuction is used to make the hips in proportion. Rest and no physical exertion for at least one month is needed.

The author has undergone a tummy tuck procedure.


Can be used in various areas across the body and indeed the face (chin). It can be deployed to knees, things inner and outer, tummy and torso. The amount of fat which can be safely removed in one procedure depends on a number of considerations. Age, height and weight, health condition, and the extent of any other procedures it’s combine with. Nowadays there are a number of more ‘so called’ advanced techniques, all claiming to be superior  and less invasive, however the jury is still out on most of them.

The author has undergone extensive liposuction procedures.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

This procedure is not so popular as upper arms are easy to cover, but at the same time let down the younger overall appearance if not addressed. The procedure sounds frightening as it involves an incision from under the armpit right down to just above the elbow. However its sited in such a way that unless the person raises their arms above their head it’s not visible. Afterwards for about a week the patient is virtually incapacitated and its important to have someone with you during recovery. The scars do fade away it takes about two years to fade away.

The author has undergone the Brachioplasty procedure.

Ageing Hands

This is an area which is important to address to complete the anti aging make over. Imagine all that time, money you spent, and discomfort endured only to be let-down by your hands! We see it so often with celebrities interviewed on TV that they are really much older than they appear due to the tell-tale hands. A wrinkled and crepy appearance, withered and thin skin. So what can be done here? Actually quite a lot view site and I don’t know what so many celebs ignore it. Usually the hands are pumped out with collagen or similar materials as well as in some cases use of a laser or both. All done under a local anaesthetic. Great results but done require regular top ups.

So there we are…all sorted out! Of course understand that all the procedures above cannot be combined under one procedure- one anaesthetic. It requires time to spare time, patience being able to wait until one procedure has settled dow, before moving on to the next. Not to mention you will need to dip quite heavily into your bank account. Lastly do avoid bargain surgery offers. It’s OK saving money when doing your weekly shop, but when someone is cutting your body about with a scalpel- it’s a totally different thing.

Written by Libby Babbage former owner of Europa International. Successfully taking patients to Prague for two decades. Libby is now retired.

Cosmetic Surgery women over 60 … There is life after becoming age 60!