1960’s Woodstock were you there? Facelift plastic surgery

Facelift plastic surgery  – is it for me?

Facelift plastic surgery

hippy bus

So you were once a wild child hippie, me too.  Those were the days. We thought we were going to live forever. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Next came the assassination of Kennedy, and the death of America’s film goddess, Marilyn Monroe.  It seems like only yesterday.  Yet today there’s the bus pass and pension to prove the passage of time.  And there’s another big reminder of the passing years – you’ve got an aging body to go with all those memories.   Today you see all those lines and you see old. Facelift plastic surgery

A baby boomer that’s you- and a rebellious one at that. So you are beginning to think there must be something that can be done to make growing older more graceful. And as an irresponsible older hippie you are not afraid of the cosmetic surgery route. Well that’s my business – the business of rectifying the damage done to your beauty with the passing of the years.  

Since 1996,  Europa International  

widely acclaimed and internationally renowned has offered plastic and cosmetic surgery in Prague to more that 20,000 patients.  Trust in us to be at your side whilst you transform back into a younger you.

Facelift plastic surgery

Legendary Doris day

Facelift plastic surgery

Carnaby street

Facelift plastic surgery

seventies styles

What you look like on the outside no longer fits with how you feel on the inside. You feel in the prime of your life but your body says otherwise.  That’s typical.  Dare to express the inner you with a facelift. Get rid of those bags under your eyes and put a youthful smile back on you face – that perfect smile you always dreamt of.

Facelift plastic surgery

Abba image

Facelift plastic surgery

1980s pictures

Facelift plastic surgery

elderly lady

Or…alternatively a bit more risque you may prefer this kind of appearance.

Libby age 62 images before and after facelift surgery  images.

Facelift plastic surgery

post op facelift

Facelift plastic surgery

Face lift – before – Libby

A facelift  plastic surgery procedure in Prague

is half the price that it would be in London.  Europa International is the No.1 safe choice for the very best results, the very latest techniques, the best trained and internationally recognised surgeons, state of the art operating facilities, first class accommodation and the very least risk. 

With Europa International you feel looked after from the moment you arrive in Prague until you get safely home again.    From tummy tucks to lip augmentation and cheek implants and from dental procedures to breast procedures, Europa International can offer all that it takes to prevent you from falling visibly through the trap door leading into old age. For further information contact us.